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Whether it is prescription or over-the-counter medication, the drugs your doctor directs you to take can have unfortunate side effects. While most drugs include some form of unintended consequences for certain consumers, these side effects can, at times, be extremely dangerous. In the worst-case scenario, unsafe medications can lead to fatal reactions.

If you have suffered significant losses due to faulty medication, you have the right to seek monetary compensation. A dedicated personal injury attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you investigate your claim and hold the pharmaceutical company accountable. A consultation with a Portsmouth, VA dangerous drugs lawyer could be the first step towards recovering compensation for your injuries.

Types of Dangerous Drugs Claims

Dangerous medication claims generally fall into one of three categories: (1) defective manufacturing; (2) faulty design; and (3) improper marketing. A Portsmouth, VA attorney could help someone who suffered losses due to dangerous drug evaluate what type of claim may be pursued.

Defective Manufacturing

Any drug that is damaged or tainted during the manufacturing process could result in a defective manufacturing claim. Often, these defects occur due to human error, resulting in an entire batch of the medication being unsafe for use. A consumer could have a defective manufacturing claim for any defect that occurs up until the point of purchase.

Faulty Design

An injured consumer may have a claim based on a medication’s faulty design if the makeup of the drug is inherently dangerous. In these situations, the entire product may be recalled.

Improper Marketing

In the context of drug manufacturing, marketing includes warning labels and instructions that come with medication. When the marketing for a product is improper, even safe medications can become dangerous. A defective marketing claim commonly involves confusing instructions that make it difficult for a consumer to take the drug as directed. These claims also have the potential to occur in cases where the warning labels on the drug do not adequately highlight the risks and side effects of the drug.

Deadline to File in Portsmouth

Any of these types of defective drugs claims could result in substantial financial compensation. The chances of recovering this compensation disappear for any claimant that fails to file their case on time.

The deadline to file a dangerous drugs lawsuit–known as the statute of limitations–is outlined in Virginia Statute §8.01-243. According to this statute, a claimant must bring their dangerous medication lawsuit within two years of the date of their losses. A local attorney could assist with filing a dangerous drugs lawsuit before the deadline.

Let a Portsmouth, VA Dangerous Drugs Attorney Help

If you suffered medical injuries at the hands of a reckless drug company, you could be entitled to compensation. However, the thought of taking on a pharmaceutical company in court can be daunting. To pursue the compensation you need, let a Portsmouth, VA dangerous drugs lawyer assist you with your claim. Call right away to discuss the details of your case.

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