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Cooper Hurley made everything seamless! Communication was frequent so I was aware of how my process was going, especially during COVID. I would recommend this team to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer!

Jasmine. L

I was briefed frequently and received updates. All my questions were answered. I’m very satisfied with the service and results.

James B.

If I could give you guys 10 stars I would! Awesome customer service all the way around! Definitely will be recommending to family and friends! Happy with my settlement & I’m so grateful I came here! Don’t miss out!

Jennifer S.

Overall experience with Cooper Hurley has been exceptional. Very responsive and staff is every accommodating.

Marquise T.

This is an excellent firm where your case is handled properly. I highly recommend Mr. Jim Hurley.

Saad A.

The entire experience was remarkable. Didn’t know what to do until they took care of everything. Thank your firm for all the help and assurance.

Michael J.

Cooper Hurley helped me get what I couldn’t do by myself. They were very responsive to my questions and respectful for my situation. If you ever need a group to help you out, definitely give them a call. Thank you Mr O’Mara.

Jennifer M.

This law firm is top notch!!! Handled my case flawlessly. Highly recommend!

Bernard Z.

They won’t let you face it alone. They have got your back

Thomas R.

I was rear-ended in Norfolk in October, 2011, when I was stopped at a traffic light. I immediately felt pain in my neck and back. My 12-year-old daughter was also in the car and was injured. An attorney friend of mine referred me to Jim Hurley. I was happy with the level of communication from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers and my final settlement. I would recommend the firm to any of my family or friends that have been involved in an auto accident.

Shawn D.

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