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Frequently Asked Questions

Scene after car accident with paramedics

Car Accident

Some frequently asked questions about car accidents include steps to take after an accident, how to file a claim for damages, and how fault is determined in an accident. Other common questions relate to insurance coverage and how to navigate the legal process if a lawsuit becomes necessary.

Motorcycle accident scene with paramedics

Motorcycle Accident

One commonly asked question regarding motorcycle accidents is who is liable for damages if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident with a car. Another frequently asked question is what steps should be taken after a motorcycle accident to ensure a favorable outcome in terms of medical treatment and legal representation.

Head-on truck accident collision

Truck Accident

Following a truck accident you might wonder, who is at fault and who should be held responsible for the damages? Should I contact my insurance company or a lawyer? What kind of compensation can I expect for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering?

Railroad tracks

Railroad Worker Accident

Understand the essentials following a railroad accident and your legal options in pursuing compensation, following a pedestrian, worker, or rail yard accident, approved by a national-renowned FELA lawyer.

Construction worker knee injury at work

Personal Injury

Find the answers to our frequently asked questions about personal injury cases, including the how long someone has to file a claim and how to calculate the value of a case.
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