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Truck Accident FAQs

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How Long Does a Truck Accident Case Take in Virginia?

The settlement process allows injured claimants to come to an agreement with an insurance company or the trucking company responsible for their losses. When settling a case, you must sign a full release of all claims in exchange for your compensation. When signing these documents, you agree to close your case forever, and not be able to reopen the case for any reason. Even if it is revealed later that you suffered worse injuries than originally suspected, you will not be able to reopen your case. The length of the truck accident settlement process in Virginia Beach varies depending on the case. Still, because of the finality of making these settlement decisions, you should hire an attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers before accepting any offer.

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What to Do After a Truck Accident in Virginia?

The aftermath of a truck accident can be incredibly stressful to drivers or passengers. Not only may you or a loved one be dealing with devastating personal injuries, but the experience of colliding with a commercial vehicle means a fight against powerful insurance and trucking companies to recover damages for those injuries.

Trucking companies know the stakes are high and they may face big pay-outs if their drivers caused a wreck. Typically, they send their own insurance agents and lawyers immediately to the scene of a truck accident to protect their financial interests. These representatives may conceal evidence, be underhanded or pressure you to provide a statement. What you do in the moments following a truck accident is pivotal to your chances of gaining compensation. In the aftermath of a big rig accident, you need to recover the most you can for very serious injuries. You can count on the advice our Virginia truck accident lawyers can provide to get you through such an accident.

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What Are the Federal Trucking Laws in Virginia?

The commercial trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), an agency of the Department of Transportation, which has established a number of rules and regulations to help prevent truck accidents and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods nationwide.

There are many causes of truck accidents, but often they involve a violation of FMCSA regulations, which can make your case more complex. Norfolk, Virginia truck accident lawyers John Cooper,  Jim Hurley, Bill O’Mara and Griff O’Hanlon have many years of combined experience handling these cases and know exactly what to look for when it comes to proving a violation of the law and seeking the full compensation you are due.

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