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Dealing with Auto Insurance Companies

truck crashcar wreckmotorcycle collision, or any other type of roadway accident may leave you with serious injuries. In addition to suffering physical harm, you may also incur considerable property damage. Obtaining immediate medical care is vital to your recovery and future, but the costs associated with treatment as well as vehicle repairs can add up quickly.

If you sustained losses because of the reckless and negligent actions of another motorist, you should contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Dealing with auto insurance companies on your own can be immensely difficult and may result in serious mistakes that could jeopardize your claim.

Some insurance providers are notorious for trying to undercut the value of claims to pay out as little as possible in the final settlement. With the skilled assistance and guidance of one of our injury attorneys, you can reclaim the full value of your damages.

How Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims Work

After an accident, the first step to pursue fair compensation is to open a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. It is important to distinguish between claims for personal injuries and those for property damage.

If an individual suffers either type of loss, he or she should contact an attorney who handles these claims and can ensure that the injured person’s rights are fully protected. An injured party must refrain from signing any documents sent by the at-fault party’s insurer without first consulting with an attorney. Sometimes, a company may attempt to get a claimant to sign documents releasing its insured from liability, which could prevent someone from obtaining fair compensation.

After a personal injury attorney is retained to handle a case, the lawyer can launch a comprehensive investigation of the injured party’s claim. This investigation may include opening a claim with the insurer, interacting with the adjuster, and gathering all available evidence needed to support the claimant’s demand for settlement.

Once a client finishes treatment and his or her full records are obtained, an attorney will submit a settlement demand to the at-fault party’s car insurance provider. The negotiation process may last for weeks or even months. Sometimes, the insurance company may respond with a low settlement offer, making it essential for the injured party to have qualified legal counsel on his or her side every step of the way. If the coverage provider does not make a fair settlement offer, one of our experienced lawyers would advise a client regarding the option to file a civil lawsuit for damages.

Infographic with a title: How Insurance Claims Work Bullet Points: 1. Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers 2. Pursue fair compensation with the responsible party’s insurance company 2. Distinguish between claims for personal injuries vs. property damage 3. Refrain from signing or talking to the at-fault party’s insurer without consulting your attorney 4. After a lawyer is retained, attorneys launch a comprehensive investigation 5. Get any treatment while Cooper Hurley gathers records 6. Submit settlement demand to the at-fault party’s car insurance provider 7. Negotiation Process 8. Settlement is reached or possible advisement to file a civil lawsuit

Methods Used by Insurance Adjusters to Devalue Claims

Other than making lowball settlement offers, insurance companies may attempt to use other tactics to devalue an individual’s injury claim. Adjusters may try to diminish their insuree’s liability by shifting the blame to the claimant. In this scenario, an adjuster may ask confusing or manipulative questions in an attempt to get a recorded statement from the claimant admitting fault in the accident. Our accomplished attorneys are familiar with these tactics used by insurance companies and can safeguard a claimant’s rights by handling all communication with the adjuster assigned to the claim.

Each state has laws establishing strict deadlines to file a personal injury claim. Insurance adjusters know this and may try to “run the clock out” on a claim by failing to respond to a claimant. If an injured party misses the statutory deadline, a court may bar him or her from pursuing compensation. Additionally, an insurance provider may use delays in its response time as a tactic to frustrate a claimant so much that he or she settles the claim for a nominal amount.

As previously mentioned, injured claimants should not sign any document or authorization sent by a company without first talking to an attorney. An auto coverage provider may ask the claimant to sign an authorization for medical records. If the insurer obtains a claimant’s medical records, they could try to use old injuries or pre-existing conditions as a way to reduce the value of the claim.

Top Tricks Used by Insurance Companies

The insurance company will only offer to pay your co-pay instead of the full hospital bill.

In Virginia, you are entitled to payment for all reasonable medical bills incurred. This means you are entitled to payment for the actual charge made by the hospital or health care provider.

Some health insurance companies may be entitled to be repaid out of your personal injury settlements. 

This means that the insurance company is not disputing fault or arguing you share fault for the settlement discussion. 

Your own insurance company will fight you just as hard as anyone else, even if you’re a loyal customer, to pay you as little as possible.

In Virginia, there is a deadline of two years to file a personal injury claim after the date of an accident. It is not uncommon for our law firm to receive calls near this time after an accident from people dealing with insurance companies, panicked that they can’t get the adjuster to call them back. 

Consult with an Attorney Before Contacting a Car Insurance Company

If you have suffered injuries and other recent losses in a motor vehicle accident, you should speak with Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

The Car Crash Experts at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers will help you navigate dealing with insurance companies. Our team of top-rated attorneys collectively boasts an impressive 128 years of legal experience, during which we’ve learned common tactics employed by insurance companies and how to best negotiate with them. Our attorneys have had an exceptional winning streak that has secured tens of millions of dollars for our clients, including Virginia’s largest reported car accident recovery of $6.5 million in 2020. 

Our exclusive access to video footage from 978 traffic cameras across Virginia through our innovative Crash Cam technology has positioned us as pioneers in utilizing crucial evidence for case success. With a dedication to client satisfaction, Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers sets the standard for exceptional customer service and unwavering commitment to representing the injured, never the insurance companies. Contact us today, and we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

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