Dealing with Liberty Mutual After an Accident

If you are injured in an auto accident and the other driver is insured through Liberty Mutual, you should reach out to a lawyer before reaching out the other driver’s insurance company. If you do not have experience negotiating a claim, you could find yourself facing an offer that is far below what you deserve.

Get in touch with a competent personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your right to compensation and learn more about dealing with Liberty Mutual after an accident. An attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can protect your rights and make sure you are not being taken advantage of.

How Liberty Mutual Auto Claims Work

Liberty Mutual insurance provides 24/7 claims reporting services. Although you can technically file a claim by yourself, doing so could jeopardize your chance of success. If you contact the insurance company and make a statement, they may try to use it against you. That is why it is important to reach out to an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies after an accident and have them communicate with Liberty Mutual on your behalf. Once your lawyer opens your claim, you would be assigned a claim number and a specific adjuster to handle the claim.

When the other driver is at fault and your car is not a total loss and is ruled repairable, Liberty Mutual should pay for the costs to repair the vehicle damage. If you need a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop or being replaced, Liberty Mutual should also provide a rental car for that duration. In the event your vehicle is a total loss, the insurer would provide reimbursement for the actual cash value of their car. Sometimes, you may also be entitled to the diminished value of their vehicle.

Why You Need Help Filing Injury Claims

The time it takes to settle a Liberty Mutual insurance claim varies based on a variety of factors. It is not uncommon for Liberty Mutual insurance adjusters to try to settle your auto claim quickly while paying out as little as possible. Sometimes, Liberty Mutual may try to get you to settle before you have even finished treatment. Other times, insurance adjusters will try to trick you into admitting fault so that they do not need to pay. That is why it is so important to reach out to an attorney before talking to an insurance company.

If you accept the first offer the adjuster sends, this could mean you receive less than the actual value of your claim. It is crucial not to automatically accept an initial offer from Liberty Mutual, as the adjuster could use their counteroffer to strategically lower your settlement demand amount. An attorney could ensure that your injuries are thoroughly documented and advocate aggressively on your behalf to fight for the damages you need and deserve.

An Attorney Could Be an Advocate When You Deal with Liberty Mutual After A Crash

You should not deal with Liberty Mutual alone after an accident. A skilled attorney could provide the insight, guidance, and the vigilant representation needed. A lawyer could help you seek fair compensation for your losses, whether by negotiating a settlement with Liberty Mutual or filing an auto claim. Call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your cases.

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