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Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury arising from an accident can have long-lasting repercussions, impacting an individual’s ability to work, communicate, and or go about their everyday activities. The severity of a traumatic brain injury can vary. Some people experience only mild symptoms that slowly dissipate, while others will suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives. At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, a Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyer can evaluate your circumstances and help you obtain the compensation you deserve following a catastrophic accident.

In the aftermath of a serious accident, you may not realize the severity of your injuries for hours or days, especially if they are not visible to the naked eye. One injury that people often overlook is a traumatic brain injury, commonly known as a TBI. You might attribute the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, such as confusion or anxiety, to the shock of a crash and expect them to fade over time. However, the brain is one of the most complex parts of the body, and there may be much more going on—which is why it’s critical to seek medical attention immediately following an accident.

A doctor will assess your condition and determine the extent of your injuries. They will discuss any symptoms with you that may reflect a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the scope of the damage, you may need months or years to recover from a TBI. 

Of course, all the medical treatment you seek will come at a cost, and you may be unable to work during your recovery period. If your TBI arises from an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation for your losses. An experienced Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyer at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can represent you in your claim.

How Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Virginia Help Me?

Learning you have a traumatic brain injury due to an accident can be quite overwhelming. If your injury prevents you from working, you may struggle to keep up with expenses. You may wonder about your future and how you will afford the medical treatments you need to support your recovery.

A personal injury lawyer in Virginia can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation from the negligent parties. Among other things, our attorneys can assist by:

  • Collecting Evidence
    Early in the legal process, your legal team will assemble the evidence necessary to substantiate your claim. We will assess the circumstances of your accident, whether it arose from a vehicular crash, workplace incident, slip and fall, or some other event. The evidence your attorney will gather includes video footage, witness statements, police reports, and medical records.
  • Building a Case
    Once we have all the evidence necessary to support your claim, we will begin structuring your case. We will examine relevant Virginia laws and file the appropriate forms to start the lawsuit process. We may seek expert advice from medical professionals and others to further substantiate your claim.
  • Dealing With Insurance Companies
    Often, the negligent party’s insurance company is responsible for paying out damages related to accidents inflicted by their client’s behavior. Insurance companies will fight to keep damages to a minimum, so it is important to avoid discussing your case directly with them. Your Virginia traumatic brain injury attorney will handle all insurance communications on your behalf and work to obtain fair compensation for your losses.
We Work on a Contingency Basis, Meaning You Pay Nothing Unless We Win

When you hire a Virginia TBI lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, you will not pay any upfront fees. There is absolutely no cost for your initial consultation, and we do not bill by the hour. In fact, you will never pay us a penny unless we win your case. Consult with one of our experienced and highly qualified Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyers to explore your legal options.

Meet the Award-Winning Team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers

When you choose Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to represent you in a TBI personal injury claim, you can count on top-tier, compassionate legal representation. We are ready to fight for the justice you deserve.

Our firm is led by John Cooper and Jim Hurley, both highly qualified personal injury lawyers with decades of experience representing clients injured in accidents throughout the Hampton Roads area.

  • John Cooper is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and the recipient of numerous awards, including from Top Lawyers of Coastal Virginia 2023 and Lawyers of Distinction 2021. He has over 30 years of experience practicing personal injury law, including in cases involving automobile accidents, premises liability claims, and railroad worker injuries.
  • Jim Hurley has over 25 years of experience handling personal injury claims. He has handled over 100 jury trials and secured countless settlements. He holds an AV Rating granted by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating available in personal injury practice. Jim Hurley was also a Virginia Super Lawyer from 2014 through 2021.
Explore Our Case Results

Our results speak for themselves. Some of our most recent verdicts and case settlements include the following:

  • $7 million for a motorcycle vehicle victim who required amputation following a severe accident.
  • $6.5 million for a woman who developed quadriplegia following a three-car collision.
  • $5 million for a woman who suffered traumatic brain injuries and multiple fractures after being hit by a construction truck.
  • $4.725 million for a child passenger who experienced vision impairments and broken bones following a highway crash.
  • $2.8 million for a highway worker hit by a drunk driver on I-264.

What Are the Different Types of Brain Injuries?

A traumatic brain injury can occur whenever a person experiences a severe blow to their head, such as during a car accident. Some TBIs are mild and resolve after a few days, while more severe ones can have long-lasting repercussions, including death.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

A diffuse axonal injury arises when the brain’s nerve fibers shift or rotate due to head trauma. Often, the physical changes to the brain are visible through a CT or MRI scan. A diffuse axonal injury may result in a coma and affect multiple locations in the brain.

Skull Fracture

A skull fracture occurs when there is a break in the bony plates that house the brain. The damaged bone may break the skin. A skull fracture can impact brain tissue, resulting in long-term damage that requires surgery to repair.


A hematoma results in internal bleeding between the skin and the skull. This occurs after an individual experiences an external impact on the head, such as a fall on a hard surface or contact with a blunt object. Hematomas may not be visible, but they can result in loss of consciousness, and symptoms may continue to worsen over a period of weeks.

What Are the Symptoms of Brain Injuries?

Following a serious accident, it is critical to pay attention to any warning signs of a brain injury. Some symptoms that are indicative of a brain injury include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Increased drowsiness or fatigue
  • Unexplained vertigo
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Problems sleeping

If you notice symptoms of a brain injury following an accident, seek immediate medical assistance at a hospital or your primary care provider. You can also review our free guide for those who have suffered a brain injury, which details symptoms of TBIs, compensation you may receive in a personal injury claim, and information about lawsuit filing details.

Potential Damages After a TBI

Often suffered through car accidents or slip and fall accidents, traumatic brain injuries involve blunt trauma to the head. No matter what causes a TBI, the consequences are often life-altering. A Virginia TBI lawyer can help you pursue compensation for things like:

  • Expensive medical care – Whether your injury requires short-term care in a hospital or long-term care in a rehabilitation facility or your home, you deserve compensation for what are often substantial medical expenses.
  • Once did in your career and your personal life. That consequence should be compensated.
  • Impaired concentration and memory – Head trauma can affect your ability to understand and retain information, making it difficult to carry on conversations, read, or work.
  • Pain and suffering – The physical and emotional damage suffered due to TBIs may be challenging to quantify but qualifies as an avenue for recovery of damages.

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious injuries that can occur during a car accident. It is a factor in many auto accident claims in which we have represented clients in Virginia. Head trauma suffered in a car crash may derail a young life, as in the case of our client who was hit by a driver who ran a red light in Virginia Beach. It meant he could not pursue his chosen career as a truck driver. He was awarded $815,000.

If another person’s recklessness or neglect caused your brain injury, your suffering demands justice. Each case’s merit is based on its own unique facts, but our TBI attorneys have proven results. Personal injury lawyer John Cooper was a member of the legal team that successfully obtained a $46 million verdict for a client who suffered a brain injury in Virginia Beach.

After the verdict, a new trial was ordered because the judge found the amount to be excessive, and the case was subsequently settled for an undisclosed sum. This remains one of the largest jury awards for a closed-brain injury ever.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, the most common cause of TBI hospitalizations are slips and falls. A fall can occur anywhere—in a parking lot, at the store, the workplace, or in your home. If you suffer a TBI because you slip on something another person or entity has a responsibility to maintain, they may be directly responsible for your injury.

Other common causes of personal injury-related TBIs include car and truck accidents, motorcycle collisions, bicycle crashes, and bus accidents. The force of a vehicular collision can cause the head and neck to whip back and forth, resulting in whiplash. Sometimes, people suffer TBIs due to blunt objects during a crash, such as the wreckage from a vehicle or hard pavement.

Seeking a Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyer’s assistance following a serious accident is critical. Our attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers will review the circumstances of your case and hold the responsible parties accountable.

How Do You Prove a Traumatic Brain Injury?

It is not always easy to prove you suffered a traumatic brain injury due to an accident. Your attorney will work to gather evidence of your TBI, including by examining your medical records following the incident that led to your injury. If you suffered any immediate effects in the aftermath of an accident, such as loss of consciousness or memory, it can help substantiate your claim.

Some people experience other physical injuries in addition to their brain injury, such as broken bones, lacerations to the head, or muscle strains. If there are other bodily injuries, they can aid in demonstrating that the force of the accident was also enough to cause your TBI.

Another way to prove a traumatic brain injury is from footage recorded at the scene of an automobile crash or through the responding police officer’s body camera. Video footage can reveal the extent and severity of your accident, as can any abnormalities in your behavior after the accident that are indicative of a TBI.

Consult With a Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney to Get the Compensation You Deserve

A TBI can lead to life-long consequences. In the worst cases, you may be unable to work or handle your daily responsibilities. You may experience problems with concentration or memory lapses. Some people also struggle with ongoing depression and anxiety.

You do not have to suffer alone. With the help of a skilled Virginia traumatic brain injury lawyer, you can recover the compensation you need to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering. Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today to arrange a free consultation.

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