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What to Do After a Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia?

Even if you are not sure whether you suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), the most important action to take is to get medical treatment. Only a doctor can correctly diagnose and treat an injury and, the longer you wait, the worse the prognosis could be. The other action you should take after a Virginia Beach traumatic brain injury caused by someone else’s negligence is contacting a knowledgeable attorney.

A skilled Virginia TBI lawyer can help guide you through the claims process and make sure you are making the right decision for your case. The lawyers at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers work with people in this situation often and have the resources and experience necessary to help you work towards the best possible outcome.

What To Do After a TBI

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, a person should go to the emergency room and get the medical treatment they need. When someone goes to an emergency room and indicates they lost consciousness or are experiencing any other symptoms, the doctor will order tests. They may request a CAT scan of the individual’s head to see if there is any active brain bleeding.

Although a traumatic brain injury may not result in an active brain bleed, the CAT scan can rule out other issues such as a tumor or something else causing the problems. In the event that there is an active brain bleed, the individual may need to see a neurosurgeon immediately.

After someone goes to an emergency room, if they are still experiencing the symptoms of traumatic brain injury a couple of days later such as difficulty thinking, memory problems, dizziness, light-headedness, and headaches, they should bring this to the attention of treating doctors as soon as possible. The doctor may make the necessary recommendations to see a specialist if appropriate.

Where Should Someone in Virginia Beach Seek Medical Treatment?

Emergency rooms such as the ones at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital or Sentara Princess Anne Hospital are the first place someone should seek medical treatment following a traumatic brain injury. If someone thinks they suffered a traumatic brain injury, they should take an ambulance to the emergency room and get immediate medical attention.

Depending on the specific circumstances, the necessary treatment may be different. If there is something like an active brain bleed, the person may require immediate surgery. With a more typical closed-head injury, the person should be seen by a family doctor. If a person does not have one, they should go to an urgent care facility to get the treatment they need. The person may need to be referred to a neurologist or a neuropsychiatrist who can help treat the injury.

If someone is not sure they are injured, it is always better to be safe and get checked out. The problem is that most people are not familiar with a traumatic brain injury and do not know the symptoms. They may not recognize that their ability to remember what happened, their difficulty concentrating, or the fact that they feel nauseous, lightheaded, or have a headache can be signs of a traumatic brain injury.

Contacting a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A person with a traumatic brain injury should be in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney can ensure that a traumatic brain injury is properly addressed and documented. Often, a closed-head injury is not diagnosed in the emergency room. Because a traumatic brain injury develops over time, they may not be quite as obvious and apparent immediately following the accident. However, the symptoms may evolve over the next few days.

If someone goes too long without having a medical professional address the continuing symptoms of a TBI, the insurance company may claim that the concussion is not the result of the accident to get out of having to pay fair compensation. The sooner a person speaks with an experienced Virginia Beach attorney, the better off they are.

An Attorney Can Help After a Virginia Beach Traumatic Brain Injury

The most important action to take after a Virginia Beach traumatic brain injury is seeking the medical attention you need. As the symptoms of TBIs continue to develop days after the accident, the sooner you seek treatment, the better the outcome may be. The second most important action to take is to contact an experienced attorney. Our attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers help people in your position and can guide you through the medical and legal process to make sure you can get the best outcome possible in your case. Call today to get started.

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