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Portsmouth, VA Slip and Fall Lawyer

Whether it is caused by spills, debris, wet floors, a loose or unsecured mat, rugs or carpets, slip and fall (or trip and fall) accidents can often have severe consequences. An awkward landing or a sudden impact against the wrong part of the body can turn what would usually be a harmless accident into a life-altering disaster that results in long-term or permanent harm.

Receiving settlement or payment after this kind of incident is not possible in every situation, but you can greatly increase your chances of obtaining money for your injuries and other damages by hiring a qualified Portsmouth, VA slip, trip and fall lawyer. The guidance and support that our Portsmouth personal injury attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could be essential in not only to proving someone else at fault for your injuries, but also proving how much compensation you deserve for all your recoverable losses.

When Is Someone Else Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

To hold someone else liable for damages suffered after a slip and fall accident, an injured person must prove that the at-fault party person or business was negligent.  While a slip, trip or fall case can be brought against an individual person that causes your accident and injuries, these types of personal injury cases are often brought against business establishments, such as hotels, motels, department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Slip and fall personal injury accident claims can be very challenging to win in Virginia.  First, in order to prove that the business was negligent, you must be able to show that the business had noticed (either actual or constructive) of the condition or hazard that caused your injury.  For example, if someone falls on some water in a grocery store aisle, it is the burden of the injured person to prove that the store either knew or should have known that the water was on the floor. This is why a prompt and thorough investigation, often with the help of a personal injury lawyer, is so critical.  It is important that evidence such as witness information and video is preserved.

Even when an injured person is able to prove that a business was negligent in causing a trip and fall, Virginia law may still not allow for recovery.  In Virginia, if an injured personal shared any fault, even merely 1%, and that fault was a proximate cause of the accident, that injured person gets nothing.  Because of this harsh Virginia rule, insurance companies and businesses look for opportunities to argue that the injured person shared fault or could have done more to ensure their own safety.  It is often advisable to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer before making any statements to an insurance company.  An insurance company may try to twist your words to argue shared fault, which can preclude you from receiving any payment for your injuries.

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These accidents can result in serious injuries that can be expensive and time-consuming to treat. If you suffered this kind of harm because of a dangerous condition at another’s property or business, legal action may indeed be in your best interests.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own at a business, please call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to discuss your options in seeking the compensation you deserve.

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