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When you purchase products, you rarely expect to suffer significant injuries when you use them. Every consumer product that you touch, from small appliances to toys for your children to motor vehicles, has the potential to be defective in a way that can result in serious injuries. If you sustain harm as a result of using a faulty item, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or seller liable with the assistance of a Norfolk, VA product liability lawyer.

In some cases, you or your loved one may suffer injuries from a product defect that are severe enough to alter your life permanently. Medical bills can add up quickly, especially when you unable to work while recovering from your injuries. A dedicated injury attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you obtain the compensation you need and hold negligent manufacturers responsible.

How Can Products in Norfolk Become Defective and Dangerous?

Consumer products may be defective and cause harm to users in various ways. As such, potential bases for product liability claims may involve:

  • Faulty product design that makes the item inherently dangerous for any consumers to use
  • Defects in the manufacturing process that may affect only one batch or specific types of a product
  • Lack of proper warnings or instructions about assembling or using the product in a safe and appropriate manner

Any of these types of defects in a product, instructions, or packaging can lead to product liability claims. If you use defective items and suffer injuries as a result, a lawyer in Norfolk may be able to help you file a product liability claim against the designer, manufacturer, or distributor, depending on the circumstances.

Steps to Take Following an Injury from a Faulty Item

While the first step following an accident should be to get medical care as quickly as possible, you also should ensure you are protecting your right to file a product liability claim. First, you should keep the product, or its remaining parts, in a safe place and in the same condition as it was at the time of the accident. Even if the manufacturer or retailer requests the product back or promises you that they will replace or repair the item, the defective product is often crucial evidence in a product liability claim. As a result, allowing a third party to take possession of the faulty item can result in alterations to the product or its loss altogether.

You also should locate and safeguard any remaining packaging, instruction booklets, warranties, receipts, or any other paperwork you have concerning the product at issue. These items also can serve as evidence in a product liability claim, primarily if the suit focuses on the failure of the manufacturer or distributor to warn of potential dangers in improperly assembling or using the product. An attorney in Norfolk could help someone through the legal steps of preparing a product liability claim.

Call a Norfolk, VA Product Liability Attorney For Help

When a product injures you, you should not have to bear the financial burden of your injuries by yourself. A Norfolk, VA product liability lawyer may be able to help you build the most substantial claim possible on your behalf and work toward getting the compensation that you need. By filing a dangerous product lawsuit, you also may be able to hold companies accountable for their actions and prevent further consumer injuries to others in the future. Call today for a free consultation to get started.

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