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Norfolk, VA Premises Liability Lawyer

Many people in Norfolk are familiar with the idea that if they get hurt while out shopping, the owner of the store where the accident occurred may be liable for injuries they suffered. This type of situation is covered under premises liability law, but premises liability law can also make property owners liable for harms suffered in other types of situations as well. Common businesses where injuries occur because of another’s negligence include hotels, motels, restaurants, grocery store, department stores, and amusement parks.

So, if you are suffering from injuries that happened at a business, you might benefit from talking to a Norfolk premises liability lawyer to learn whether you may be entitled to compensation for the effects of your injury. If you call on Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation, one of our knowledgeable and sympathetic Norfolk personal injury attorneys could advise you of your options and help you work toward the maximum possible recovery in your case.

Premises Liability is Based on a Duty of Care

Premises liability law is based on the concept that those who own or manage property may be held liable for harm that occurs on that property in certain situations. The owner or manager of a store or business owes a duty of care to visitors on the property they oversee, but the level of care owed varies depending on a number of factors.

For instance, someone invited into a store is entitled to greater care than someone trespassing after hours. If you are a customer of the store, then you are considered an invitee, and the business is required to take reasonable measures to maintain a safe space and act with care for your safety. However, you might be treated as a trespasser if you enter the store when it is closed, or enter a prohibited area. A trespasser is typically afforded less protection under Virginia premise liability law

In most situations, business owners and managers are expected to provide conditions that are reasonably safe for anyone invited inside. This generally translates to a duty to repair or warn about dangerous conditions unless the conditions are open and obvious. If they fail to do so and you are hurt as a result, you may be able to file suit against them with a Norfolk premises liability attorney’s help.

Types of Conditions for Which Businesses May Be Held Liable

Slip and fall or trip and fall cases are common circumstances in which an owner or manager may bear liability for harm caused by conditions inside a business or store. Situations where an injured person—or one of the dedicated lawyers at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers—may seek recovery under premises liability law in Norfolk include:

  • Injuries caused by falling merchandise
  • Falls caused by damaged or uneven walkways
  • Falls caused by spills and liquids on grocery and department store floors
  • Falls due to loose stair treads or handrails
  • Injuries caused by unsafe conditions in common areas of apartment complexes
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Slips on wet floors or ice
  • Bites or other injuries caused by dogs
  • Falls in an unlighted parking lot
  • Injuries at amusement parks because of faulty equipment

In order to hold a business liable for criminal activity, such as an attack in a parking lot or inside an apartment building, you must show that the owner knew or should have known of the likelihood of criminal activity as imminent and they failed to take reasonable measures to prevent it.

How a Norfolk Premises Liability Attorney Could Help You After an Injury at a Business

Premises liability is a complex area of law, and there are many elements to proving that a business, property owner or manager should be held liable for injuries suffered at the establishment. In addition, before you could recover compensation, it may also be necessary to overcome any counterarguments raised by the allegedly negligent owner or their insurance company that would likely try to pin the blame for the accident on you. It is very common for the business to claim (1) that it was unaware of the hazard and therefore was not on notice to take corrective measures, or (2) that the injured person shared some fault causing their own injuries. A lack of notice or share fault by the injured person is often a winning defense for the business in premise liability cases.

The sooner your Norfolk premises liability lawyer gets to work on your injury at a business case, the easier it may be to locate and preserve evidence needed to demonstrate liability. If you are suffering injuries you sustained at a business and wondering whether a store or restaurant’s lack of responsibility and care provides legal grounds for recovery of compensation, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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