Norfolk, VA Car Accident Lawyer

Drivers in Norfolk cause car accidents every day on highways and major roads like Interstate 64, I-264, Military Highway, and Tidewater Drive. When these crashes happen at high speeds, severe injuries can and do occur.

Even when the at-fault driver is clearly legally responsible for both the damage to your car and for your bodily injuries, like in a rear-ender, the insurers certainly do not make it easy to hold them accountable. Getting your injury and property damage claims quickly and properly adjusted by insurance representatives is just one way a Norfolk car accident lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could provide valuable assistance in your case.

Given how often insurance companies try to dodge paying fair compensation for accidents, it is critical to seek legal guidance before you even start the process of filing a claim. For example, you are not required to give the other driver’s insurer a recorded statement. An experienced personal injury attorney from our firm could evaluate your claim and help you determine what to do and what not to do following a crash.

Proving Liability in Car Accident Cases

Under the theory of legal negligence, the person or entity who caused an accident may be held liable for the consequences even if the entire incident was unintentional. Recovery is based on the concept that if the allegedly liable person had acted with ordinary care, the accident would not have happened.

For example, if a driver loses control of a car because they looked away from the road and hit your vehicle, the collision may be accidental. However, the fact that they did not mean to cause the wreck does not allow them to escape responsibility—in other words, their negligence—which directly caused the accident.

When a driver fails to exercise the ordinary care that a reasonable person would use when driving in similar circumstances, that driver may be considered negligent. If you are hurt by such a negligent driver in Norfolk, a car accident attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you seek monetary damages.

Determining Who Bears Responsibility for a Norfolk Wreck

Sometimes there can be others responsible beyond the at-fault driver alone. For example, if the driver was working for someone or for a company, then the company may be liable too. For example, an Uber or Lyft driver carrying a passenger for hire may be responsible for a wreck, and Uber, the employer, may be too.

An experienced car wreck lawyer in Norfolk, Virginia can help you determine all the parties that may bear responsibility for your injuries. This can help you get the full payment you are entitled to and the justice you deserve. Reach out to a dedicated lawyer today.

Consult with a Norfolk Car Accident Attorney

After suffering injuries in a car accident, you likely have many harms and losses to deal with, from medical bills and lost time from work to pain and suffering. The damages in an injury claim arising from a wreck could also include your inconvenience, mental anguish, as well as physical pain.

A Norfolk car accident lawyer could evaluate your situation, discuss your options going forward, and help you protect your rights and pursue the recovery to which you are entitled. We are familiar with local courts and roads and experienced with cases just like yours—call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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