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Pursuing Damages in a Norfolk TBI Case

Assessment of damages in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) case can be difficult. With severe traumatic brain injuries, a person’s life has been tremendously altered in a permanent way. They may require 24-hour assistance with all tasks of daily living. Even moderate and mild TBIs can have permanent and long-lasting symptoms that require a patient to modify how they live their life. For that reason, pursuing damages in a Norfolk TBI case tends to focus more on future losses rather than those sustained in the past. The attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers work hard to ensure that all your future needs are taken care of.

Common Types of Damages in TBI Cases

Traumatic brain injury cases have at their baseline the same sort of damages available as any other type of injury case. For example, a client with a TBI is entitled to recover for their past medical expenses. Claimants may also recover for any time they have missed from work, any property damage that they incurred as well as compensation for pain, suffering and inconvenience.

However, some of the different damages that a claimant may pursue in a Norfolk TBI case include those that cover for future medical needs, which can be shown in a life care plan. A life care plan demonstrates a full medical summary of the estimated future medical costs that a patient may inner for the remainder of their life. Another potential damage in a traumatic brain injury case is the loss of earning capacity. If an individual has suffered a brain injury that either completely keeps them from being employed, or limits the type of employment available, they can recover compensation for this as well.

Importance of Experts When Pursuing Compensation

It is difficult to pursue full compensation in a TBI case without an experienced Norfolk injury attorney. One of the most important roles that a lawyer plays in seeking damages is gathering evidence from experts. Some of those experts would include a Life Care Planner who evaluates all the future medical needs of the client and provides a cost projection for those medical needs.

Additionally, an attorney may engage a vocational expert. A vocational expert is one who meets with the client, gathers information about their past employment history, and assesses what job, if any, the patient would be able to fill in the future. The vocational expert may also then provide an estimate as to what decrease in wage or earnings the patient could expect over the remainder of their life.

Reach out to a Norfolk Attorney About Pursing Compensation in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

At every step of the way, the client’s interests should be at the forefront of a lawyer’s mind. In the same regard, it is important for a lawyer to be honest with expectations and requirements along the way so that a claimant can make informed and intelligent decisions about how to move forward with their case. This is especially important when pursuing damages in a Norfolk TBI case. For help negotiating your monetary recovery, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

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Pursuing Damages in a Norfolk TBI Case
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
If you need help pursuing damages in a Norfolk TBI case, speak with an attorney from our firm about your brain injury.
Pursuing Damages in a Norfolk TBI Case Pursuing Damages in a Norfolk TBI Case