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Serious injuries can result from defective weight lifting equipment in Virginia.  The lifter is often in a vulnerable position and has an expectation that the exercise equipment will function as designed and hold its rated weight.  On occasions, this equipment fails to cause serious injury. We have represented clients in Virginia defective weightlifting equipment cases.

If you have been seriously injured by defective weight lifting or exercise equipment, you may have a viable products liability personal injury claim against a manufacturer.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers represented two weightlifters who were seriously injured by the same, or very similar, brand and model of equipment – The Marcy Pro Olympic weight bench.

The Marcy Pro Olympic weight bench is a weightlifting bench designed to allow for flat bench, inclined, and declined exercises.  These instances of equipment failure are not isolated.

Virginia Defective Weight Lifting Equipment – Welds Broke on Marcy Pro Olympic Weight Benches

Both of Cooper Hurley Injury’s Lawyers’ clients were doing bench press with weighs well within the advertised load limits for the Marcy Pro Olympic benches.

While bench pressing, the same weld broke on the benches, causing the adjustable bench to suddenly drop from the standard level bench press position to a decline press position. The abrupt dropping of the bench into the decline position caused the weigh to crash down with great force, causing serious injuries.

In both instances, we hired a welding engineer consultant to inspect the weight benches.  The inspections revealed the following very similar weld failures:

  • Issues with the sliding support;
  • Problems related to the locking bracket with the spring loaded knob;
  • Issues with welds connecting the locking bracket to the mounting tube;
  • A base torn out;
  • Oxidized areas;
  • Incomplete fusion in welds.

Our expert concluded the primary cause of the failure was undersized/incomplete welds, which failed due to fatigue and overload.  A contributory factor was the offset location of the welds, which resulted in torsional loading under conditions of fatigue and the high stress concentration at the root of the weld caused by the incomplete fusion.

In this second case, an expert concluded that the failure was caused by overload of the top pivot tube weld due to incomplete penetration of the underside pivot tube weld.

Weightlifting equipment and welds should not fail in this fashion if the equipment is being used properly.  Incomplete and faulty welds on weight lifting equipment places weight lifters in jeopardy of serious personal injuries.

We are concerned that weightlifters in gyms or using this equipment at home in Virginia may be at risk of serious personal injury.

Seriously Injured While Lifting With a Marcy Pro Olympic Weight Bench? What You Should Do

If you have been injured as a result of a weld failure similar to the examples provided, you may have a viable personal injury claim arising from an alleged defective product.

After seeking necessary medical attention, it is important that you preserve the weight lifting equipment in the same condition it was the day you were injured.  If possible, it is ideal to store the equipment in a temperature controlled room to preserve the equipment as close as possible to the condition it was the date of your injury.

Storing the equipment outdoors or in harsh or wet weather conditions could cause the equipment and weld points/failures to rust making it more difficult for experts to determine what happened.  There may also come a time in which the manufacturer of the weight bench will want to inspect the equipment, and you need to be able to confidently say that the equipment has not changed since the incident date.

Also, you will want to gather all user manuals, receipts, credit card statements, or any other document related to the bench and its purchase.  If you are able to prove you are the only owner of the bench, it will be harder for the manufacturer to argue prior misuse of the bench that may have compromised its strength.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers has successfully handled injury claims against exercise equipment companies.  If you have been injured as a result of a weld failure while using a Marcy Pro Olympic weight bench, or any exercise equipment, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

When Virginia defective weight lifting equipment or any other gym equipment fails, you may have grounds to sue the manufacturer of the equipment or a gym that fails to properly maintain its equipment. Gym equipment causes more injuries than people realize. For example, accidents on treadmills cause 24,000 injuries a year noted CNN.

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