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Incapacitation in Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases

Sometimes in Virginia Beach catastrophic injury cases, the injured person is incapacitated and unable to reach out to an attorney. When that happens, there are actions their family can take to begin the process of a personal injury claim.

A highly qualified catastrophic injury attorney with Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help you understand your options in this situation. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can help your loved one get the justice they need and deserve.

What Does Incapacitation Mean?

Incapacitation generally refers to a person who cannot act on their own behalf in a catastrophic injury case in Virginia Beach. For instance, incapacitation could refer to a person who is in a coma or who is seriously injured with a brain injury and is unable to function. In those situations, a catastrophic injury lawyer can go to the court with the family and have someone appointed as a guardian or conservator of the incapacitated individual.

This person can look after the interests of the incapacitated person and pursue the personal injury case. An attorney can explain the process of having a guardian appointed as well as their role in an injury claim.

How an Attorney Can Help in a Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Case

In a situation where a person is in a coma, in the ICU at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, or has a traumatic brain injury which limits their ability to communicate, a family member could assume the responsibility for the injured person’s interests. To do so, the family member should contact a catastrophic injury lawyer who can begin advocating for the individual while they are receiving treatment and cannot do so for themselves.

An attorney can help the family throughout the legal process. They can work to have a family member appointed as a guardian by having doctors explain the nature of the person’s disability and convincing the court that they identified a specific family member who is capable of handling the injured person’s injury case until they can handle it themselves.

It is also important to find an attorney who can make sure the case is properly presented, and maximum recovery can be obtained. They need a law firm that knows the right experts and has the funds to pay for the experts. Catastrophic injuries, especially those that leave a person incapacitated, require an advocate who is well-versed in these types of injuries and who has the resources to investigate, prepare, and present a catastrophic injury case in Virginia Beach.

Learn More About Incapacitation in Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases

It is important to find the best lawyer possible for your catastrophic injury case. This means it is crucial to work with someone who has the appropriate amount of experience. It is also important that the firm is large enough and well established to have the resources to investigate the accident and recover the necessary evidence. An attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers understands the role incapacitation plays in Virginia Beach catastrophic injury cases and can use that knowledge to help guide your family through the process. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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Incapacitation in Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases
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Incapacitation in Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases Incapacitation in Virginia Beach Catastrophic Injury Cases