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Virginia Beach Major Roadway Accident Lawyer

A Virginia Beach major roadway accident lawyer can help bring a claim for compensation on your behalf if you or a loved one was injured due to another’s negligence. With the help of a dedicated car accident attorney, you may be able to get the justice you deserve.

Why Major Roadways are Dangerous

Virginia Beach is a heavily populated city. It is the most populous city in the Commonwealth of Virginia and known for its traffic. There are major thoroughfares throughout the city of Virginia Beach including Virginia Beach Boulevard, Princess Anne Road, Interstate 64 and Interstate 264. Other very popular and often congested roadways in Virginia Beach include Lynn Haven Parkway, Rosemont Road, Birdneck Road, First Colonial Road, and Kempsville Road.

Because of its large population and heavy traffic congestion, motor vehicle accidents are common throughout Virginia Beach. These accidents commonly involve vehicles driving too fast and following too closely.

The tourist industry in Virginia Beach means accidents often involve common carriers, taxi drivers, Uber drivers, Lyft vehicles, hotel shuttles. Finally, because the area has a large viable port industry, it has many 18-wheelers driving on the streets that are often involved in collisions.

What Makes Car Crashes on Highways Dangerous?

Due to the congestion on Virginia Beach roads, the likelihood that an accident could involve multiple vehicles increases. Multi-vehicle accidents make it challenging for the police to decipher what happened, which makes thorough and prompt investigation critical in a case.

Although an accident happens on one of the major roadways often has many eyewitnesses, they frequently do not stay at the scene, making it difficult to identify them. A prompt investigation and an interview with the investigating Virginia Beach police officer or state trooper are most important to document to help prove what really happened.

The Role of High Speed Limits in Accidents

The higher speed limits on different highways and roadways often result in dangerous driving. When an accident happens at a higher speed, it is likely that there will be more damage to the vehicle and more serious injuries. The combination of roadways with high travel speeds and frequent stop lights create a situation where drivers get up to speed that makes them unable to stop on time to prevent a collision.

Greater speeds also require longer stopping distances. If someone is traveling at a high speed and they do not maintain a proper stopping distance and fail to anticipate a vehicle slowing, stopping, or breaking down, the result could be catastrophic if a collision occurs.

When someone is involved in an accident on a high-speed roadway, they have to be very cautious of other vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. Secondary collisions shortly after an accident are not uncommon. If the person is able to safely move their vehicle from the roadway, it is advisable to do so to minimize the chances of a secondary collision. If the accident causes backup traffic because of multiple disabled vehicles, that may delay the ability for fire, and rescue, and ambulances to reach the scene as they try to weave through traffic.

A Virginia Beach Major Roadway Accident Attorney Can Help You

Crashes on busy highways and streets can often involve multiple cars and lead to more serious injuries. If you or a loved one was injured in a crash, a Virginia Beach major roadway accident attorney can help. For a free consultation to discuss your case, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today.

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Virginia Beach Major Roadway Accident Lawyer
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
A Virginia Beach major roadway accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today.
Virginia Beach Major Roadway Accident Lawyer Virginia Beach Major Roadway Accident Lawyer