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Firm’s Approach to Norfolk, VA Wrongful Death Actions

If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to bring a claim. Choosing the right firm to bring a claim for you can allow you to focus on the grieving process while they handle the legal aspects of your case.

Start exploring your options by discussing Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyer’s approach to Norfolk wrongful death actions. We can help you understand your options so that you can determine whether our dedicated wrongful death lawyers are a good fit.

What Experience Should I Look For in a Lawyer?

Wrongful death cases are the most serious personal injury cases. Therefore, the attorney must have the ability to be an aggressive representative of the estate and a compassionate ally when to the relatives. When people unexpectedly lose a loved one due to another’s actions, they should look for an experienced wrongful death attorney who is competent, skilled, and empathetic.

In a general personal injury case, the injured person testifies as to how the accident and injury affected their lives. In a wrongful death case, the attorney must know the questions to ask the relatives in an appropriate manner to get the information about the decedent’s background since the decedent cannot testify. This allows them to demonstrate the role the decedent played in the family and can help make sure the family is appropriately compensated for their loss.

The Value of Compassion in a Wrongful Death Case

An experienced wrongful death attorney understands that while the family has a legal claim, discussing the death of their loved one is very painful. The attorney is working with relatives and beneficiaries of the decedent who are in the beginning stages of the grieving process, and they must be sympathetic when speaking with them.

There are many things a compassionate wrongful death attorney can do to make the process easier for the family. For example, the attorney should handle the legal claim and the estate to give the family fewer things to worry about. It is important that an attorney can work with a family to adjust their style to meet the family’s needs during this difficult time. For example, some families may want to be more involved in the claims process than others.

Common Issues Families Are Facing

There are different issues family members coping with the death of their loved one may face. Some of these issues include:

  • Economic issues
  • Emotional issues from the death of a loved one
  • Changes in the family dynamic

The economic issues may involve those stemming from the fact that the primary wage earner is no longer providing a paycheck. The survivors must then figure out how to pay the rent and utilities and provide food.

In addition, the survivors are dealing with shock and grief. When a person is an integral part of the family and is no longer present, that creates an emptiness in the family dynamic that can never be filled. It is heartbreaking for people going through this. The family members must plan a funeral, locate the will, and figure out how to administer the estate. They must also make sure they have access to bank accounts to pay bills and settle affairs. The attorney should understand what the family is going through and have the tools to help them deal with issues as they come up. They must also be aggressive throughout the litigation process to make sure the family receives the compensation they deserve.

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If you recently lost a loved one due to another’s negligence, you are most likely overwhelmed. However, we can help. By choosing to work with the compassionate attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers you can alleviate the legal burden following the loss of your loved one. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss our firm’s approach to Norfolk wrongful death actions.

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Firm’s Approach to Norfolk, VA Wrongful Death Actions
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
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Firm’s Approach to Norfolk, VA Wrongful Death Actions Firm’s Approach to Norfolk, VA Wrongful Death Actions