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Preparing a TBI Case in Norfolk

A lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers will prepare for a brain injury case in a number of different ways. One of the most important is to evaluate the past damages that someone has suffered, as well as review potential future needs.

Many times with a traumatic brain injury, the future needs of the client are much more significant than what they have gone through in the past. They may have years of life remaining that are going to be tremendously altered because of their traumatic brain injury. If you need help preparing a TBI case in Norfolk, speak with our team as soon as possible.

Types of Evidence in TBI Cases

The type of evidence that a lawyer in Norfolk might prepare for a traumatic brain injury case depend on the nature of the injury. For example, if someone has suffered a bleed in the brain or visible traumatic damage, they may use an MRI, a CT scan, or an X-ray is clear evidence of harm. For mild TBIs, showing the harm can be much more difficult. There may not be any sort of medical scan or test that visibly shows a brain injury. Many times, the evidence that exists to support the finding of a mild traumatic brain injury comes from the injured party describing his or her symptoms, which may include dizziness, loss of consciousness at the scene, and difficulty with memory or word recall.

The first source of information that a lawyer may use in TBI cases is the injured person and their family. In cases of mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries, an attorney could spend a tremendous amount of time getting to know the client, understanding their daily needs, what they have gone through in the past because of their injury, and what sort of requirements exist in order for them to have the same quality of life.

This type of evidence collection may also include talking with the injured person’s family to hear how the injury impacts the family as a whole. An attorney may ask how an injured person continues to interact with their children, with their spouse, with their parents, and with their siblings. When it comes to severe TBIs, the family may be the only source of the information because many times in these situations the injured person is unable to describe the ways that the injury has affected their lives.

How Can a Client Help?

A client suffering from a TBI could help prepare their Norfolk case by collecting and preserving evidence as well as being forthcoming and honest with their lawyer about the situation. Attorneys want to know all the facts about the case, the good, the bad and the ugly. So that the client and their legal counsel could move forward as a team. Total honesty helps a lawyer know what information to stress and what information they should avoid highlighting.

When Can an Attorney Begin Preparing a TBI Case?

A lawyer in Norfolk can begin preparing a traumatic brain injury case immediately after the client first contacts their office. Once an initial consultation is complete, the attorney can the beginning working on their case.

It is important to quietly do an initial interview with the client to get a good understanding as to what happened so that the investigation into evidence collection and preservation can begin. Time is of the essence in evidence collection because as time passes, it becomes much harder to locate information, locate witnesses, and get quality statements.

Contact a Norfolk Attorney for Help Preparing a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

In TBI cases, we are constantly gathering and reviewing medical records and communicating with experts that are going to be needed to prove future damages and future lost income.

We also prepare the liability aspect of the case through factual investigations, and speaking with witnesses, all while dealing with some of the more intricate legal aspects that may be involved in a case. If you are looking for a caring and trusting attorney to help you with preparing your TBI case in Norfolk, look no further than Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

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Preparing a TBI Case in Norfolk
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
If you need help preparing a TBI case in Norfolk, speak with one of our dedicated brain injury attorneys about your claim.
Preparing a TBI Case in Norfolk Preparing a TBI Case in Norfolk