Virginia Beach Railroad Accident Lawyer

Whether you were injured in a railroad crossing accident or suffered an injury as a railroad worker, you won’t win by fighting railroad companies on your own. Norfolk Southern, CSX, Amtrak and other railroads have massive legal and financial resources at their disposal. You need Virginia Beach railroad accident attorneys who are not afraid to go up against those resources, which is why you should have Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers on your side. Our accident lawyers know how to fight effectively for the compensation you deserve.

Reaching a Settlement

Although many disputes are settled in pre-trial negotiations, our Norfolk and Virginia Beach railroad accident attorneys John Cooper and Jim Hurley argue your personal injury case in court if that’s what it takes to win. Sometimes, railroad injury or railroad worker accident cases reach a settlement but only after the rail carrier knows your attorney can handle the case in court if needed.

Our Credentials on Railroad Cases

John Cooper has been working for decades with injured railroad workers in Virginia, North Carolina and across the United States. He has also helped people injured in railroad crossing cases and passengers in train wrecks.

He was elected in 2011, 2012 and 2013 to Chair the FELA Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice (the largest plaintiffs’ attorney organization in the United States).

John Cooper is on the list of union designated attorneys for the TCU which is the Carmen’s Union. He is a member of the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys (ARLA).

Our past cases include helping CSX and Norfolk Southern railroad workers who suffered career-ending injuries on the railroads.

Our Virginia Beach railroad accident attorney has vast experience dealing with:

  • Railroad worker accidents —Through Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) claims, we fight for compensation if you’ve been injured on the job. If you have questions, see our railroad worker accident FAQs page. We help railroad workers hurt on the job on freight service such as CSX and Norfolk Southern and passenger services such as Amtrak.
  • Railroad crossing accidents — Cars and trucks cross railroad tracks every day, putting both car and train passengers at risk. Poorly maintained or inadequately marked crossings can lead to serious and even fatal injuries in a railroad crossing accident. Railroad companies do not pay enough attention to “private” grade crossings as they should to avoid train wrecks. If there is a defective barrier or lights, vegetation is obscuring the view, or a train fails to sound a warning, a railroad can be liable for injuries.
  • Railroad passenger injuries — Whether you were a railroad passenger injured while traveling on vacation or on your way to work via Amtrak, commuter rail or Norfolk’s Tide, we advocate for your full compensation. In recent years there has been a spate of deadly wrecks on Amtrak and commuter services across the United States.
  • Railroad worker illnesses — Those who work on the railways for many years are exposed to conditions that cause lung disease and repetitive physical stress injuries. Workers have been exposed to asbestos, diesel fumes, coal dust or dangerous chemicals like chlorine. Our law firm knows how to get full compensation for railroad families for cancer or surgeries caused by rail work.

We work with a team of experts to develop strong, aggressive legal strategies and arguments, and we can also help you properly document your condition by recommending physicians who understand both cumulative and traumatic injuries.

FELA Coverage for Railway Workers

By their nature, railroads are dangerous places to work. FELA provides coverage for railway workers, allowing them to obtain compensation from their employer for any injuries suffered on the job caused by the railroad’s negligence.

A wide range of factors can cause workers’ illnesses and injuries, including equipment failure, inhalation of dangerous chemicals, and repetitive motion injuries caused by rough riding trains. Even though railroad companies are aware of these hazards, they often fail to correct them, putting their employees at risk. Whether you work for Norfolk Southern, CSX or Amtrak, we have the power to take on your employer.

Working With a Virginia Beach Railroad Accident Lawyer

We can help you hold railroad companies accountable for negligence, pursuing the compensation you need to make a proper recovery. Contact Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers to discuss the facts of your situation. Call or contact us online for help anywhere in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia or elsewhere in the country.  Our Virginia Beach railroad accident lawyers provide free consultations and only get paid if you get compensated.

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Virginia Beach Railroad Accident Lawyer Virginia Beach Railroad Accident Lawyer