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What Makes Working on the Railroad So Dangerous?

For years the railroads have operated in the 20th century using 19th century tactics and equipment. A lot of the equipment on the railroad is outdated, and a lot of times it is broken, or poorly maintained. Additionally, there is nothing light about working on a railroad car, as railroaders are expected to be able to lift 50-100 pounds. Basically, everything that they do, they are subject to getting injured while doing it, whether it is lifting heavy parts or something falling off from height. These are only a few of the reasons that working on the railroad is so dangerous.

Factors that Make the Railroad Unsafe

There are various examples of what makes the railroad unsafe. For instance, railroad workers use a crane to pick up around 4000-pound covers that go on special cars that carry heavy rolls of steel. They put these covers on them to keep moisture off the steel and keep it from rusting. Workers like carmen have been forced to use a rope attached to one corner to try to guide a 4000-pound hood. The crane holding this hood could come around and pin an employee against the outriggers. This is not safe railroading. Improper training and insufficient help are common. Additionally, many times, railroad workers do not have the proper equipment to complete their job. Sometimes workers would make their own tools, which could cause injury.

Most of the harm that railroad workers suffer are traumatic injuries. These injuries can be anything from back injuries to traumatic brain injuries. Workers suffer shoulder injuries as well. Tools like brake sticks cause broken bones and ruptured discs in the back, some of the common injuries that make railroad work dangerous.

Dangers of Developing Lung Cancer on the Railroad

One of the most dangerous parts of working on the railroad are the illnesses and conditions that these workers can suffer from exposures at work. Cancer is also common among railroad workers as they have been exposed to all kinds of chemicals. They have also been exposed to asbestos, diesel exhaust fumes, and different types of cleaners which are all different cancer-causing substances. The railroad injury attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers are here to help. Our team takes great pride in helping railroad workers pursue compensation if they suffered an injury or developed an illness, like mesothelioma, while on the job.

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