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Virginia Beach Private Property Liability Lawyer

Private property is all property that is not publicly owned. These locations can be owned by individuals, such as residences or by business entities, which is common with commercial properties. To ensure the safety of visitors, private property owners owe a duty of reasonable care to those individuals who are foreseeably at the premises. For example, customers are foreseeable people at the premises of a privately owned business as the business is encouraging people to come to shop and conduct business. Similarly, a private residential owner who either invites people to their home or expects people to be on his property has a duty to keep the premises relatively safe for these individuals. If you suffered injuries while on someone else’s private property, speak with a Virginia Beach private property liability lawyer to discuss your options. The attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could prepare your claim and handle any legal obstacles that may arise.

Contributory Negligence in Private Property Liability Claims

A visitor’s own actions are relevant if she is injured on another person’s private property. Just as the property owner’s conduct is measured by whether or not he acted with due care toward a visitor, the injured person’s conduct is also evaluated to see if she acted with due care for her own safety and did not assume a risk of injury through their conduct. An attorney in Virginia Beach could fight against any claims of contributory negligence in a particular private property liability case.

Private Property Liability Cases Involving Landlords and Tenants

State law makes it incredibly difficult for a tenant to sue their landlord once possession of a residence is transferred to the tenant. If the tenant has exclusive control of the property or the portions of the property where the injury occurred, then the law often forbids or prevents a claim against the landlord.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if it can be proven that the landlord acted with fraud or deliberately concealed a hazard that exposed a tenant to injury, then a claim can potentially be made. Another exception is a landlord’s duty to maintain common areas, such as breezeways and areas on the complex shared with other tenants at multi-unit residential communities. The law can get very complicated as it pertains to duties owed between landlords and their tenants, so an experienced Virginia Beach lawyer should be consulted when handling a private property liability case.

Relationship Between an Injured Person and the Property Owner

The law creates distinctions between the different types of visitors to private property. The rules for a private property injury case are defined by what types of visitor suffered injuries. For example, the rules governing an injury claim for a tenant are much different than those for a customer at a grocery store. There are many exceptions and specific rules. That is why it is important to consult with an experienced Virginia Beach private property liability attorney when dealing with a civil claim of this type.

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If you suffered injuries at someone’s home or a private business, speak with a Virginia Beach private property liability lawyer. Our team can explain the process and provide guidance on what forms of compensation you can pursue. For more information, schedule your free case consultation today.

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Virginia Beach Private Property Liability Lawyer
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A Virginia Beach private property liability lawyer could help you pursue compensation if you got hurt at someone's private business.
Virginia Beach Private Property Liability Lawyer Virginia Beach Private Property Liability Lawyer