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Improper Loading Truck Accidents

Even with the immense amount of cargo that moves in and out of Norfolk International Terminals every day, it is vital that every dockworker responsible for loading and unloading trucks in NIT performs his or her job duties carefully and attentively. If a truck leaves NIT carrying too much weight or without its cargo being properly secured in its trailer, the imbalance could have dangerous consequences for the truck’s driver and everyone else on the road.

Improper loading truck accidents at Norfolk International Terminals are serious matters, and any injuries that result from this type of incident may warrant substantial compensation. If you or a family member got hurt in this type of incident, call a hardworking truck accident lawyer with experience handling cases like this. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could discuss your unique circumstances during a free consultation and provide guidance about your legal options.

Why is Improper Truck Loading So Dangerous?

Despite their massive size and weight, commercial tractor-trailers cannot operate correctly with imbalanced loads in their trailers. The vehicle is at higher risk of accidents if the truck’s cargo is not centered properly in the trailer, the load is too heavy for its gross vehicle weight rating, or items are poorly secured.

Improper truck loading at NIT or any other industrial site can cause various types of accidents. For example, an imbalanced load placed too close to the trailer’s front can makes the truck’s brakes oversensitive, while uneven weight distribution towards the back of the trailer can result in a lack of traction in the truck’s front tires. Overweight trucks are likewise harder to steer with more sluggish acceleration and deceleration, and a severe load shift while in motion can lead to debris falling out of the trailer or the entire trailer tipping over.

Establishing Fault for Truck Load Accidents at NIT

Unfortunately, proving that a specific person or entity working within Norfolk International Terminals was at fault for an improper loading truck accident can be difficult. This is because objective evidence of improper loading can be hard to come by. Security camera footage from NIT may not clearly show how a loading error occurred or who was involved, and it is not uncommon for cargo loading logs to be doctored, lost, or outright destroyed in an attempt to avoid liability for a serious accident.

However, seasoned legal counsel from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can make all the difference in the outcome of a truck loading accident claim. A dedicated attorney at our Norfolk office could work to hold an individual dockworker accountable for an improper loading accident, as well as his or her employer. This may be possible through a legal principle known as respondeat superior, which requires employers to bear civil liability for negligence by their employees in many situations. Our skilled Virginia injury lawyers can explain filing options and recoverable damages in greater detail during an initial meeting.

Seek Legal Help after an NIT Improper Loading Truck Accident

Workers in Norfolk International Terminals have an important duty to load and unload cargo as efficiently as possible while still prioritizing short-term and long-term safety. Any failure to meet this obligation can lead to serious accidents.

In these cases, the worker or his or her employer could be liable for ensuing damages caused by a truck’s improper loading. If you believe you have a case based on an improper loading truck accident at Norfolk International Terminals, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers is here to explain your rights in a free initial consultation, so call us today.

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