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Suffolk Wrongful Death Damages

Suffolk wrongful death damages are meant to make a family financially whole after a person or company’s negligent actions results in a death. As such, they are far-reaching and include compensation for everything from any medical bills the person incurred before they died to compensation for a family’s grief. Although the money cannot bring back your loved one, it can help you hold the wrongful party accountable, ensure your family’s financial stability following tragedy, and help you get justice.

If you are considering filing a claim, reach out to Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Our highly qualified wrongful death lawyers can work to fully understand your family and the losses you suffered to bring a comprehensive claim.

Who Can Recover Compensation in Suffolk?

In Suffolk wrongful death cases, a personal representative can file for damages. This is someone who is appointed by the court to be in charge of the litigation. They control the lawsuit and decide what settlement is fair.

The people who get the money from the Virginia wrongful death case are called statutory beneficiaries. The statutory beneficiaries are divided into categories. Spouses and children are in the first category of people who are entitled to compensation recovered in the claim. If the decedent had no spouse or children, then siblings or parents would receive the money.

Understanding Wrongful Death Damages

The damages in a Suffolk wrongful death case are defined by the Virginia Code. These damages include economic losses such as medical bills and funeral expenses as wells as compensation for noneconomic losses. An attorney can help you determine what compensation may be available in a specific claim.

Economic Losses

One of the most significant economic losses is the loss of income the person would have earned that would have gone to their spouse. This applies when, if a person who was killed in a wrongful death action had a job, a comprehensive claim could show that the family was dependent upon that income.

Loss of services is another economic loss that can be claimed. This is compensation for the loss of help a spouse who dies offered in the household. If the surviving spouse now has to do it themselves or pay someone to do it, then it can be claimed as a compensable loss.

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages are the more substantial part of a Suffolk wrongful death claim. Noneconomic damages are compensation for the statutory beneficiaries for the suffering from the loss of that relationship for the rest of their lives. This can include payment for:

  • Grief
  • Loss of solace
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of advice
  • Loss of kindly services

Lawyers will often talk to the family to fully understand the depth of the relationships they had with the decedent and the value of those relationships. The attorney may hire a grief counselor or a therapist who can help the family understand the actual impact of the loss.

An Attorney Can Explain Suffolk Wrongful Death Damages

When a family loses a loved one due to the negligence of another, they can file a claim for damages. Suffolk wrongful death damages can cover both economic losses such as costs stemming from medical bills and funeral costs as well as noneconomic losses such as the loss of companionship and advice. If you are trying to understand what compensation your family may be able to recover, you should call us. Our compassionate attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help you make sure you get the justice you need and deserve for your loss. Call us today to get started.

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Suffolk Wrongful Death Damages
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
An attorney can help you better understand the Suffolk wrongful death damages your family may be entitled to. Call today to learn more.
Suffolk Wrongful Death Damages Suffolk Wrongful Death Damages