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Suffolk, VA Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you fall and hit a hard surface or slip on a patch of ice outside a retail store, you could sustain serious or permanent injuries.

Unfortunately, successfully recovering compensation after this kind of accident is rarely a simple task. Therefore, if you have suffered losses due to a tripping accident on another person’s property you should seek guidance from a Suffolk, VA slip and fall lawyer. Once retained, a qualified Suffolk personal injury attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could guide you through all the steps you need to take to prove liability for your accident, demonstrate your damages, and demand appropriate compensation in or out of court.

Common Injuries and Damages in Slip and Fall Cases

Most of the time, a slip and fall only results in bumps and bruises. However, direct impacts to the limbs, head, spine, or torso can sometimes result in serious injuries, including but not limited to bone fractures, soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains, or a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even worse, a hard fall could cause permanent damage to the brain or spinal cord, resulting in lifelong paralysis and/or loss of cognitive function.

If an injured party in Suffolk needs help after sustaining a slip or fall injury, a skilled attorney may be able to help them file a claim.

Determining Liability for Trip and Fall Accidents in Suffolk

While slip and fall cases still generally revolve around legal negligence like other personal injury claims, they usually do not involve an overtly negligent act committed by the defendant. Instead, an injured party usually seeks to prove that the defendant committed an act of omission or failed to do something that allowed a hazardous condition to remain in place and ultimately cause the claimant to become injured.

For example, the manager of a store should inspect the shop floor regularly and ensure any spills in the aisles are cleaned up promptly. If a customer slips on a spill that was left unattended for hours, the customer might have a valid cause of action. On the other hand, the store manager would likely not be responsible for a slip and a fall caused by a spill that occurred just seconds prior to the incident in question.

Slip and fall claims can be further complicated by the extremely harsh contributory negligence system that civil courts in Virginia follow. This system bars claimants from recovering any compensation if they bear any fault whatsoever for their accident. A knowledgeable lawyer in Suffolk could help claimants contest allegations that they were partially to blame for their injuries and protect their right to pursue their slip and fall case.

A Suffolk, VA Slip and Fall Attorney May Be Able to Help

Preparing for civil litigation is an important step to take if you suffered serious harm in a slip and fall accident. However, this can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you are still recovering. Fortunately, a Suffolk, VA slip and fall lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you pursue appropriate civil compensation. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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