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Suffolk, VA Bicycle Accident Lawyer

While bicycle-riding can be a healthy and sustainable way to get around, it can also quickly turn into a dangerous endeavor depending on how attentive the other people around you are. When bikers are struck by negligent drivers, they usually come off significantly worse for wear, often suffering broken bones, severe skin abrasions, and sometimes traumatic brain and back injuries.

If you were hit by a car while riding your bike, you should strongly consider talking to a Suffolk, VA bicycle accident lawyer at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers about your legal options. With guidance and support from a knowledgeable Suffolk personal injury attorney, you receive guidance on how to proceed with your claim and work to pursue fair compensation.

Holding Someone Else Liable for a Bike Wreck

Most personal injury cases are based on the concept of legal negligence. Essentially, everyone who goes out in a public place or interacts with other people has an implicit duty to act responsibly and carefully to minimize their chances of causing someone else harm. If a person violates that duty by acting recklessly or carelessly, they could be held financially liable for any harm that comes of an accident they subsequently cause.

Various actions by a motor vehicle operator could constitute legal negligence. The most straightforward cases are those in which a driver hit a bicyclist while speeding, running a red light, or violating some other traffic laws. However, negligence can also stem from actions that are not explicitly illegal, like driving while fatigued or distracted.

Either way, an injured bicyclist must prove based on a preponderance of available evidence that their injuries stemmed solely from an accident caused directly by someone else’s actions to recover civil compensation from that party. Assistance from an experienced Suffolk, VA lawyer is often crucial when it comes to effectively demonstrating liability during a court trial or private settlement negotiation for a bicycle accident case.

Potential Restrictions on Civil Recovery in Suffolk, VA

Virginia follows a system of contributory negligence in personal injury claims. Under this system, a claimant cannot recover any compensation at all if they are found to bear any liability whatsoever for their damages. Therefore, unrepresented claimants can have an incredibly difficult time recovering civil damages, so seeking help from a local attorney can be helpful when fighting allegations of contributory negligence in a bike accident case.

Legal counsel can also help a potential claimant file their case on time. Because of the statute of limitations established in Code of Virginia §8.01-243, those involved in biking collisions generally must file suit within two years of their accident. Failure to do so can result in an individual losing their opportunity to recover compensation.

Talk to a Suffolk, VA Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

After being involved in a bike crash that led to serious injuries, spending weeks in and out of court haggling over financial recovery probably does not sound like an appealing prospect. If you are hurt because another party was negligent, though, you deserve the compensation that civil litigation may provide you. Our team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyer is ready and available to help you.

Do not put your financial recovery at risk by settling for anything but quality legal representation. Call today to speak with a skilled Suffolk, VA bicycle accident lawyer and start discussing your potential case.

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