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Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Secured Three of Virginia’s Top Multi-Million Dollar Settlements in 2023 

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we strive to provide our clients with the highest-quality legal representation possible. We work tirelessly to maximize their compensation when they are injured through fault of their own. Our strong reputation among our clients and history of securing multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts on their behalf speak for themselves.   

Every year, Virginia Lawyers Weekly reports the top settlements in the state. By securing several top case results in Virginia last year, our legal team further cemented our reputation as one of the state’s leading personal injury law firms. These life-changing results reflect our strategic approach to personal injury law and our unwavering dedication to ensuring each of our clients receive top-tier, personalized legal representation.  

$7 million – Below-the-Knee Amputation After a Motorcycle Accident 

Motorcycle accidents often result in some of the most serious injuries we see in our legal practice. This is because, unlike passengers in enclosed vehicles, motorcyclists have little to no protection from the full impact of a crash. From broken bones and road rash to below-the-neck paralysis and traumatic brain injuries, the consequences of a motorcycle accident can be catastrophic, if not fatal.    

In this personal injury action, we secured Virgina’s fifth-highest settlement in 2023 after our client was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle through an intersection. The defendant turned left across our client’s lane, violating their right of way. Driving between job sites, the defendant was acting within the scope of his employment.  

During the accident, our client’s left foot became lodged in the rear wheel of his motorcycle, leading to a harrowing partial amputation. Doctors then surgically removed his partially-severed foot before conducting a full below-the-knee amputation.  

Due to growing pain in his right ankle in the months following the accident, he was also diagnosed with post-traumatic osteoarthritis, requiring either a joint replacement or joint fusion at some point in the future. 

$5 million – Premises Liability Burn Injuries  

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe for lawful visitors. This duty applies to restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, property management companies, and even social hosts. Responsible parties may be held liable when blameless visitors are injured by hazards that were not removed or flagged.   

That is precisely what happened in this contested premises liability lawsuit. Our client suffered serious burn injuries while visiting a property in the Hampton Roads area. Through skillful and aggressive advocacy, we secured a $5 million settlement.  

$1.3 million – Motorcyclist severely injured in collision 

In another catastrophic motorcycle accident case, the defendant caused an accident by swerving into our client’s lane of travel. In this case, liability was not contested, allowing us to focus our energies entirely on maximizing compensation as efficiently as possible.  

Using day-in-the-life videos, medical illustrations of the major injuries, future life-care plans, and more, we demonstrated the full impact of our client’s injuries on his quality of life and well-being. This strategy convinced the defendant’s insurance company to pay up to the full policy limits without the time and expense of mediation or trial.  

Insurance companies scour case files for whatever evidence they can find to minimize or deny a claim’s full value. Unfortunately, they are not above using dirty tricks to protect their bottom lines. In this case, by the time our client reached maximum medical improvement, the settlement package was ready.  

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Will Fight for You 

In many cases, no amount of money can truly make up for the pain, suffering, and lowered quality of life caused by a catastrophic injury. Even so, we have dedicated our careers to helping accident victims in Virginia exercise their right to justice, accountability, and compensation when injured due to the carelessness of others.  

Our compassionate attorneys understand how difficult it can be to handle the medical, financial, and legal aftermath of a serious accident. You do not have to take it on alone. We are here to help. If you were injured in an accident, call (757) 333-3333 or reach out online to schedule a free consultation today.  

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