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Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Recovers Four of the Top 50 Million-Dollar Payouts in Virginia

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NORFOLK, VA — May 10, 2022: Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers’ experienced attorneys have built a formidable reputation for getting as much money as they can for their clients. The firm’s success is revealed in Virginia Lawyers Weekly which includes four Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers cases in the top 50 million-dollar settlements in the state in 2021.

The cases detailed in VLW’s special supplement include a $4.725 million settlement obtained at a mediation hearing. Attorneys John Cooper and Bill O’Mara won the settlement for an adolescent who suffered serious injuries when she was involved in a car wreck as a passenger in Hampton Roads. This payout was the sixth-largest in the Commonwealth in 2021.

The girl’s severe injuries included vision impairment in one eye and multiple fractures. The case involved a complex dispute as to whether the child’s ongoing symptoms were the result of a skull fracture—a moderate traumatic brain injury, or post-traumatic stress disorder. The case was resolved at a mediation hearing about two months before its scheduled jury trial.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers’ attorneys routinely take on complicated cases involving traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and recently authored a book on the issue. It is always sad when someone so young suffers debilitating injuries.

Partner Bill O’Mara secured a $2.5 million settlement in 2021 in the case of a victim who suffered numerous serious back injuries after being rear-ended by a minibus. The injuries resulted in multiple neck surgeries, blood clotting, and deep vein thrombosis complications. The case demonstrates how a car accident due to the fault of another driver can transform the victim’s quality of life in a matter of seconds. This case was the 13th largest result in Virginia in 2021.

A third case highlights the heartbreaking consequences a car crash can have on a victim. Bill O’Mara was part of a team that represented a driver who was hit by a vehicle that pulled out from a stop sign on a rural highway. First responders extracted the driver from under a larger vehicle.

The driver suffered a traumatic brain injury, an eye injury, and a traumatic glaucoma which caused near blindness in the right eye. Our client’s eye may have to be removed in the future. Bill O’Mara was part of a team that countered arguments from the defense team that the victim exceeded the speed limit before the collision. The defense also disputed claims that the driver suffered memory loss due to the crash. A settlement of $1.25 million was reached during mediation.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers partners Bill O’Mara and Griffin O’Hanlon obtained a settlement of $1 million for a man who suffered crush injuries while working on a disabled vehicle. His employer asked the man to help deliver a work van with mechanical issues to a salvage yard. The van stalled at a red light. The man decided to tow the van. As he attached tow straps, he was hit from behind by a vehicle and crushed underneath the van. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was unable to work for a considerable time. The case was filed in Virginia Beach Circuit Court and settled at mediation before retired judge Thomas Shadrick.

Although multi-million dollar cases make headlines, the attorneys and staff at Norfolk-based Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers are working hard behind the scenes on scores of cases at any one time. Car, truck, and motorcycle crashes cause untold misery, pain, and often a loss of livelihood for those involved. Injuries such as traumatic brain injuries may be permanent and life-altering.

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