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Side Impact Car Accident Lawyer

A side-impact collision or T-bone collision is one in which the front end of one vehicle makes contact with either the driver’s side or passenger’s side of another vehicle.

The most common side-impact scenario is when someone is driving through a stop sign or red light, causing a T-bone collision in the intersection. Another frequent cause of side-impact collisions is a driver trying to turn left in front of oncoming traffic and being struck by someone traveling in the opposite direction.

If you have been injured in a T-bone crash, a Virginia side-impact accident lawyer could help you pursue the negligent driver for damages. Our experienced car wreck attorneys could investigate the circumstances of the collision, negotiate with insurance companies, and help you get the recovery you deserve.

When Do Side-Impact Collisions Occur?

Side impact accidents generally involve one of the following:

  • T-bone accidents, where one vehicle drives directly into the side of another
  • Sideswipes, where two cars collide while parallel to one another

Statistically speaking, sideswipes are extremely dangerous. In fact, side impact crashes account for about 23 percent of all fatal car accidents annually.

Side impact accidents usually happen when motorists are distracted, fail to yield the right of way, forget to use their turn signal when changing lanes, or are simply too aggressive behind the wheel. Malfunctioning traffic signals can also contribute to T-bone accidents, particularly if two motorists travel across an intersection simultaneously.

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Ask The Car Crash Experts - Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident Changing Lanes?

Griffin O'Hanlon,
Personal Injury Lawyer

“Car accidents involving lane changes are similar to right-of-way rules. You’re not authorized in Virginia to change lanes unless it’s clear and safe to do so. So, if one vehicle merges into a lane, sideswipes, or cuts off another driver, that driver making the change generally will be found responsible. One of the things we’ve all encountered on the highways is when you’re trying to change lanes, and the driver next to you is also looking to do the same. In a circumstance like that, both drivers could be found at fault. Both have a responsibility to ensure it’s free and safe to make their lane change. Additionally, failure to use a signal when changing lanes could also place blame on someone. There are some wrinkles and complications when it comes to these rules regarding changes in lanes.”

What to Expect After a Side-Impact Collision

Immediately after a side-impact collision, a person should check themselves physically and make sure they are okay. If not, they should call 911. If the individual is able to get to a safer place than where they are, such as out of the way of oncoming traffic, they should also try to do that immediately.

In many side-impact car wrecks, people end up hitting their heads on the door or window because of the nature of the force of the impact. That contact can cause severe injuries such as concussions or traumatic brain injuries because the impact causes people to move violently from side to side. In addition, cars do not always have airbags that would cushion the force of a side-impact, leaving drivers and passengers more exposed.

Common Compensatory Damages Following a T-Bone Accident

If a person has a physical injury as a result of a side-impact collision, they could be entitled to recover for their medical bills, pain and suffering, any mental anguish, and other disruptions of their life caused by their injuries.

Also, a claimant could recover compensation for the length of their treatment, the costs it required, and the resulting disruptions to their daily routines and activities of daily living. For help with recovering damages after a side-impact car accident, reach out to a lawyer in Virginia, Norfolk, Chesapeake, or another location in Hampton Roads.

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Building a Claimant’s Case After a Crash

If a client has been involved in a side-impact collision, an attorney in Virginia could send out a letter of representation to the insurance companies to prevent any kind of harassing settlement calls. In the meantime, a lawyer could focus on conducting an investigation, interviewing witnesses, obtaining copies of the police report, and verifying insurance coverage information.

Once the client is through with treatment, the attorney may collect all the necessary bills and records and put together a demand package to try to settle the case with the insurance company. If the case cannot reach a settlement—for example, if the insurance company will not make a fair offer—the attorney could discuss with the client about going to litigation and possibly trial.

Retain an Experienced Virginia T-Bone Collision Attorney

The consequences of a T-bone collision can be severe, particularly if the accident occurs at high speed or one of the vehicles involved is a large truck or SUV. If you have been injured, you may wish to speak with a knowledgeable Virginia side-impact accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney could represent and protect your interests through each step of the litigation process. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation with the Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers team.

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