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Intersection Accident Lawyer in Virginia

Car crashes are always shocking and difficult for those involved. However, the aftermath of an accident can be even more complex and trying. Certain accidents that take place at intersections can lead to protracted battles with insurance companies and negotiations.

If you have been struck by another vehicle at an intersection, do not let your situation become a stalemate. Our car crash attorneys are skilled both in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We understand the difficulties our clients face and work to get you the compensation you need following your Virginia intersection accident.

How Intersection Accidents Occur

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that the sources of intersection accidents could be classified under these categories:

  • Inadequate surveillance — Inadequate surveillance, or failure to keep a proper lookout, is the simple error that occurs when drivers are required to look in a particular direction or use their mirrors to safely complete a maneuver but do not. This accounts for the vast majority of intersection accidents, occurring in slightly more than 44 percent of all collisions.
  • False assumption of the other driver’s actions — Every driver must make split-second decisions about the intention of other motorists. Slight errors based on judgments about another driver’s timing or direction are the cause of 8.4 percent of all crashes at cross streets.
  • An obstructed view —It is common for large vehicles and obstructions on sidewalks or corners to prevent you from being able to see an oncoming car or truck. Visual obstructions are the primary cause of 7.8 percent of all intersection crashes.
  • An illegal maneuver —Traffic infractions are often viewed as minor matters, but a wreck based on an illegal maneuver can have major costs. More than 6.8 percent of accidents at intersections are a result of traffic violations. Red light running or the failure to stop at a stop sign at an intersection are significant causes of serious injuries to our clients. The cities of Newport News, Virginia, Chesapeake and Norfolk have red light enforcement cameras at key intersections, but it’s impossible to police every intersection with cameras.
  • Distracted driving —The rise of cellphone use as well as that of other mobile devices has led to an increase in distracted driving, especially among young drivers. Distracted driving comprises 5.7 percent of accidents at cross streets.

There are a number of other factors in Virginia that lead to intersection accidents. Our attorneys know that successful recovery of damages depends on determining who and what caused your accident to prove the other driver is at fault.

Do Most Accidents Occur at Intersections?

50% of all injury-causing car accidents and 25 percent of fatal car accidents happen at or near an intersection. As these crashes can be complicated, an experienced intersection car accident lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and work toward a maximum recovery.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Hampton Roads

The Hamptons Roads region of Virginia is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in the state, including:

  • Holland and Rosemont Roads in Virginia – Numerous studies have shown the busy intersection of Holland and Rosemont Roads in Virginia is one of the most dangerous in Tidewater.
  • The Portsmouth/Nansemond/Washington in Suffolk – The stoplight controlled Portsmouth Boulevard, Nansemond Parkway and East Washington Street intersection is the most dangerous in Suffolk, according to the 2013 Hampton Roads Regional Safety Study.
  • George Washington Highway and Victory Boulevard in Portsmouth – This busy, urban intersection is routinely listed as the most dangerous in the city of Portsmouth.
  • Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point, Newport News – The intersection between Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point Road was judged to be so dangerous, it was fitted with red light enforcement cameras. The crashes continued after the arrival of the cameras which were fitted on two other intersections on Jefferson Avenue.
  • Battlefield Boulevard and Causeway Drive, Chesapeake – Battlefield Boulevard in Chesapeake has dozens of intersections that are hazardous to drivers. Recently drivers called on the city to redesign the hazardous intersection with Causeway Drive after a series of accidents.

How Much Compensation Can I Get for My Losses?

Given the degree these claims can vary, it is difficult to give a perfect estimate of the value of your claim. That said, there are some general baselines that you could use to determine what your claim may be worth following your intersection collision in Virginia. Your best option for an accurate read on the compensation you might recover requires consulting with an experienced lawyer.

Some parts of your claim are evaluated based on your economic losses. If successful, you could recover the full cost of your medical treatment as well as the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged property by obtaining economic damages.

The subjective forms of compensation can be challenging to estimate. Compensation for losses like your pain and suffering are difficult to evaluate, as every person experiences these damages differently. While these damages typically scale with the amount of medical bills you accrue, your attorney is in the best position to advise you on the value of these claims.

How Can an Attorney Assist You Following a Crash in an Intersection?

If you have recently suffered a car accident at an intersection in Virginia and are coping with the aftermath, our attorneys can help by thoroughly investigating the incident. We have dedicated investigators who can review every accident and look for minor details that often make a major difference in your case.

We could also assist you in negotiating with other parties. As your representatives, we act on your behalf in legal proceedings and other matters. We can negotiate with opposing parties, like insurance adjusters, so that you can get the level of compensation you need. We inform you of every offer and make sure that you are kept up to speed about every detail in your case.

Representing you in court is another way that we could help you through this process. Our attorneys have more than five decades of combined experience fighting for clients in court. If your case needs an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer, we can help.

Contact Our Attorneys after an Intersection Accident in Virginia

Being involved in an intersection accident in Virginia can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your option. Therefore, if you have questions about the legal process following a vehicle accident, speak with us to find out more. We offer free initial case consultations.

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