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Virginia Beach’s Most Dangerous Traffic Intersections Revealed

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Virginia Beach is the most populous city in our state. It also contains some of Virginia’s most congested and dangerous intersections, places where multiple lanes merge and drivers have to make split-second decisions. 

The most hazardous intersection in 2021 was the crossing of Kempsville Road and Indian River Road, according to Virginia Department of Transportation figures. This intersection saw 54 reported accidents last year.

Other Dangerous Intersections and Junctions

Virginia Beach Town Center is one of the busiest places in the city. It is no surprise to learn that 47 crashes were reported at the intersection between S. Independence Boulevard and the I-264 ramp. Here drivers have to cross multiple lanes of fast-moving traffic to reach their destinations.

The intersection between Lynnhaven Parkway and S. Lynnhaven Road was the scene of 46 accidents last year, making it the third most dangerous intersection in Virginia Beach.

First responders are seen regularly at four other junctions which each recorded between 30 and 40 accidents in 2021. They are Virginia Beach Boulevard/First Colonial Road (39), S Rosemont Road/Bonney Road (36), Indian River Road/Providence Road (31), and Virginia Beach Boulevard and Independence Boulevard (30).

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Intersection Accident Statistics in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach’s seven most dangerous intersections account for almost 300 accidents between them, just a fraction of the 5,805 crashes police attended in the city last year. The statistics hide numerous injuries, deaths, thousands of dollars in property damage, ruined lives, and time off work. However, Virginia Beach has many other dangerous intersections and infamous highways such as Shore Drive, once described as the most dangerous road in Virginia, and the scene of over 100 deaths since 1971. Winding Sandbridge Road in the Pungo area is another deadly highway.

Virginia Highway Safety Office’s 2021 Crash Facts reports on how the number of deaths on Virginia’s roads soared by 14.3% to 968 last year. Alarmingly, almost every indicator increased over 2020. The number of injuries rose by 11.6% to 58,786, distracted driver crashes increased by 11.2% to 20,918, alcohol-related crashes rose by 1.9% to 6,749, and speed-related crashes increased by 9.5% to 24,620.

Common Scenarios for Car Crashes

Most states have witnessed a spike in road deaths and injuries over the COVID-19 pandemic with drivers apparently more likely to engage in reckless behavior including texting at the wheel, driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and failing to wear a seatbelt. Pedestrians are more likely to be the victims than previously. In 2021, pedestrian crashes increased by 12.6% over 2020. Pedestrian deaths rose by 9.7% to 125. Motorcyclist deaths spiked by 17.2% to 102.

Deaths and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists typically increase over the summer months in Virginia Beach when thousands of visitors arrive. The city was built around the automobile and can be daunting to walkers. In May, a 63-year-old woman from Virginia Beach died as she crossed the road near Princess Anne Plaza.

In 2021, 34 people lost their lives on the highways of Virginia Beach. The city’s roads were the second most dangerous in the Commonwealth after Fairfax County in northern Virginia. Virginia Beach saw 2,906 injuries.

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