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What Are the Most Annoying Intersections in Hampton Roads?

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Many people who drive around Hampton Roads have opinions about the most frustrating intersections they encounter. Recently, the Virginian-Pilot looked at the most annoying intersections in Hampton Roads.

The article was based on complaints from drivers and was, therefore, unscientific. However, as Hampton Roads-based injury attorneys, we know the most annoying intersections are often the most dangerous ones. When drivers become confused or disorientated, collisions are more likely.

The study helped identify intersections with badly timed lights, confusing layouts, and constant construction. The study received 450 responses for more than 75 problematic intersections in Hampton Roads.

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, our Tidewater auto accident team is well aware of the most dangerous intersections in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and on the Virginia Peninsula. There is some crossover between these and the list of the most annoying intersections in Hampton Roads. Some of the most infuriating intersections in Hampton Roads include:

1. Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point Road, Newport News

Jefferson Avenue is a chaotic urban artery that sees many serious crashes every year. Pedestrians take their lives in their hands when crossing Jefferson Avenue. Few intersections are as accident-prone as the junction of Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point Road. The City of Newport News placed red light cameras here a decade ago to curtail wrecks caused by red-light runners. Still, this intersection remains dangerous.

Congestion emerged as the biggest bugbear in the study. Facebook commenter Mitch Shirey said it often takes 45 minutes to get from Denbigh to I-64 in what should be a 10-minute drive. The third-busiest intersection in Newport News saw more than 83,100 cars a day in 2017. The city said it is trying to address this issue. Atkinson Boulevard will eventually become a four-lane divided roadway connecting Warwick Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue.

2. Deep Creek Bridge, Chesapeake

Unsurprisingly, users reported the Deep Creek Bridge to be one of the most annoying places in Chesapeake. At peak hours traffic backs up at the intersection of George Washington Highway, Mill Creek Parkway, Moses Grandy Trail, and Old Mill Road.

Chesapeake resident Kristoffer Bolyard stated to the Pilot by labeling this “monstrosity” as “the most annoying intersection in the world.” About 4 percent of people who took part in the survey agreed. City public works spokesman Jason Brown said about 26,000 vehicles cross the Deep Creek Bridge each day. The effects at peak hours are a recipe for frustration. However, a $50 million project is underway to replace the eight decades-old bridge.

3. Military Highway, Northampton Boulevard, and Princess Anne Road, Norfolk

The intersection of Military Highway, Northampton Boulevard, and Princess Anne Road in Norfolk includes new updates completed in 2018. The improvements failed to impress users.

Facebook commenter Cory Johnson told the Pilot the layout made no sense and looked like three different sets of civil engineers worked on it. The contractors recently widened the roads in both directions and added new traffic signals. The intersection included new left-turn lanes, intended to make it safer.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), left-turns cause about 22 percent of crashes and 61 percent of crashes involving a turn. Readers expressed concern about the timing of the lights on Military Highway.

4. Settlers Landing Road and the I-64 ramps, Hampton

The most annoying intersection in Hampton was the intersection of Settlers Landing Road and the I-64 on- and off-ramps. Congestion on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel at peak times backs up the approach roads.

5. Alexanders Corner — Airline Boulevard, McLean Street, Portsmouth Boulevard and Turnpike Road, Portsmouth

Portsmouth residents are almost unanimous about the most annoying intersection in their city – the convergence of Airline Boulevard, McLean Street, Portsmouth Boulevard and Turnpike Road.

This is a complicated intersection where multiple roads meet. Andy Goodrich said it involved far too many converging streets and a lot of waiting time. To make matters worse, there are railroad tracks nearby. Pilot readers also were unimpressed with the intersection of High Street and Rodman Avenue in Portsmouth.

6. Indian River Road and Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach

Residents of Virginia Beach voted the intersection of Indian River Road and Kempsville Road as the most irritating in the city. The city’s website confirmed its status as the most congested intersection in Virginia’s largest city. More than 106,000 vehicles use it every day. People who took part in the survey complained about the congestion and complicated traffic pattern.

7. George Washington Memorial Highway and Victory Boulevard, York County

The intersection between Victory Boulevard or George Washington Memorial Highway emerged as the most hated roadway in York County. Drivers also complained about Oyster Point Road and Victory Boulevard, and Big Bethel Road and Victory Boulevard.

Talk to a Hampton Roads Car Accident Lawyer About Intersection Crashes

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we help people when they are hurt in intersection crashes in Hampton Roads. When lots of lanes converge and drivers make turns, there’s potential for confusion, road rage, and rash decisions. Unfortunately, the type of T-bone accidents seen at these intersections can cause serious injuries to motorists.

You don’t need to be at one of the most annoying intersections in Hampton Roads to end up hurt. If you or a family member suffered an injury in an intersection collision, please call us for a free consultation.

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