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Loss of Companionship in Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful death claims are unique in many ways, especially in terms of compensation. One of the areas of compensation that is especially unique in wrongful death actions in Virginia Beach is the loss of companionship. However, many people do not understand what loss of companionship means or how a court would calculate that loss.

This is where an attorney well-versed in wrongful death damages can come in. Our attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers have experience working with families to quantify the loss of the companionship of a loved one and can use that experience to help you understand what these damages mean and the role they play in your claim.

Calculating Loss of Companionship

Calculating the loss of companionship is a complex process. That is because it is necessary to try to quantify the value of the relationship the decedent had with those closest to them. Typically, the deeper the relationships are the more money that the insurance company would pay in a settlement and the more money that the jury would likely award.

This means that not every beneficiary will receive the same amount of compensation. When the jury deliberates, they are asked to go through each of the statutory beneficiaries, who are the survivors entitled to get money from the case. They may award less money to a beneficiary who was less involved in the decedent’s life and more to someone who saw the decedent every day.

As far as explaining the losses associated with companionship, typically lay-witnesses, people who knew the decedent, are the ones to illustrate their grief. Sometimes a professional, such as a grief counselor, may be brought in, particularly for a child who may have a hard time explaining the nature of their grief over the loss of a parent. A grief counselor who deals with children could interview the child in a setting that would not upset them and explain their assessment with the court. It is not purely an economic calculation, but a description of the harm to the child.

Why Are These Damages Important to a Virginia Beach Claim?

In wrongful death cases, it is not just the immediate period of mourning following the loss that a family must be compensated for. Instead, a comprehensive claim must work to compensate the family for a lifetime without their loved one. For example, family holidays such as Christmas are especially difficult following the loss of a loved one and therefore must be considered. Further, when the child reaches the age that the parent was when they died, it often is psychologically a hard time, which makes it another important consideration.

There are many psychological aspects of grief, which is a lifelong process. Because of that, damages for loss of companionship are often some of the most important in these claims. An attorney can further explain the role this compensation can play in a Virginia Beach claim.

Learn More About The Role of Loss of Companionship in Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Actions

Losing a family member means losing someone who was a constant source of love and support. Because of that, loss of companionship plays an important role in Virginia Beach wrongful death actions. Although money cannot replace the role of the loss of a loved one, it can help hold those responsible for the death accountable. To learn more about loss of companionship damages and how they could affect your claim, reach out to Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Our attorneys could sit with you to discuss the process of calculating these damages so that you can better understand the role they play. Call today.

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Loss of Companionship in Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Actions
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Loss of Companionship in Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Actions Loss of Companionship in Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Actions