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Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Damages

Losing a loved one due to another person’s negligence is a heartwrenching experience. It only makes sense that after enduring such loss, you would want to hold the responsible party liable for their actions. One way to do so is by pursuing Virginia Beach wrongful death damages. One of our qualified Cooper Hurley personal injury attorneys could be of assistance. Seek the services of an intelligent and determined wrongful death lawyer that could fight for justice for you.

Persons Eligible to File Wrongful Death Cases

The person who is allowed to file a wrongful death case and be the named party in a wrongful death in a Virginia Beach case is the one appointed as the administrator of the deceased individual. In Virginia, and in Virginia Beach, that person does not have to be a family member. It could be anyone who goes to the court, pays the fee, and seeks qualification to be appointed to be as the administrator. The administrator determines how the lawsuit moves forward.

Are Administrators Entitled to Damages?

The administrator is not necessarily entitled to recover any of the Virginia Beach wrongful death damages that may be awarded. The individuals who are entitled to recover financial compensation from a wrongful death claim are defined by the law and are called statutory beneficiaries. They include the spouse, children, and parents. When there is no spouse, children, or parents, the beneficiaries may be extended family members.

The law states clearly that these are the ones who receive the financial benefits and recovery in a wrongful death case. It is also one of the reasons why a wrongful death case in Virginia requires the approval of a circuit court judge who looks at the proposed settlement and confirms that anyone who is authorized by law to seek recovery for a wrongful death case is included in the settlement.

Common Damages Sought in Wrongful Death Suits

The most common Virginia Beach wrongful death damages include economic damages which are any medical bills the deceased individual incurred before their passing. The compensation for funeral costs, loss of future income, and non-economic damages may be sought. Those damages include grief of the family members, loss of companionship, and loss of love and support and are usually pursued in a wrongful death case.

How Loss Can Result in Wrongful Death Damages in Virginia Beach

Trying to quantify an amount to compensate someone for the loss of their loved one is one of the most difficult things a wrongful death attorney must address. Putting a dollar figure on someone’s pain, suffering, and grieving for what may be the worst thing that happened to them is extremely difficult. The individual lost a spouse, child, or parent and trying to put a dollar figure on that grief is one of the most challenging aspects of a lawyer’s job.

The legal system is designed in a way where the only thing that can be given to a grieving family member is money. Putting a figure on grief requires an open dialogue between the lawyer and the family to understand how the family members coped with their loss and how it changed their lives making even the most normal tasks difficult. An experienced wrongful death lawyer listens to the family to get as much information as possible to understand and identify the value of the surviving family members’ grief. One of our compassionate and dedicated Cooper Hurley personal injury lawyers could help you calculate the amount of Virginia Beach wrongful death damages, they can expect to recover.

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Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Damages
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Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Work with a compassionate wrongful death attorney that could help you pursue justice and, Virginia Beach wrongful death damages for your loss.
Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Damages Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Damages