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Evidence in a Virginia Beach Spinal Cord Injury Case

As in other injury cases, the evidence is used to establish liability in a spinal cord injury case. In Virginia, you must be able to show that someone did something wrong that caused the injury and that there were costs associated with the injury. If you are able to prove this, you may be able to collect compensation that can cover both your economic and noneconomic losses.

A lawyer can further explain the role of evidence in a Virginia Beach spinal cord injury case as well as what evidence may be necessary in your case. A diligent spinal cord injury lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could then get to work collecting the necessary evidence and building a strong claim for compensation.

Medical Evidence of a Spinal Cord Injury

When proving a spinal cord injury case or trial, it is important to fully understand the medicine involved. A lot of times, a catastrophic injury lawyer will meet with your doctors to collect evidence proving the nature of the surgery, the nature of the injury, and their opinions on how the injury will affect you in the future.

An attorney may also hire medical illustrators. Medical illustrators basically take imaging like X-rays, CAT scans, or MRIs and do a drawing that shows the harm caused by the injury and also the surgical procedures, injections, and other treatments. Having a talented medical illustrator can make a big difference in proving the case to the jury. An attorney can further explain the medical evidence that may be necessary in your specific case.

Telling Your Story

The client is an important piece of evidence. The lawyer wants to show the court who the person is and tell their story in a way so that the jury can fully understand what they have been through and sympathize with them enough that they will award full and fair compensation. A lot of times, being able to do this is a matter of an attorney spending enough time with the client to be able to understand their story and be able to communicate that to an insurance company claims agent or a jury.

The client can also help their lawyer by keeping track of their pain journal and recording all the effects the injury has had on them. They can also help identify witnesses who can help tell their story. This can include their husband or wife, adult children, or someone else that they know well. An attorney can work with you to build a compelling claim for compensation.

Ask a Lawyer About Evidence in a Virginia Beach Spinal Cord Injury Case

Evidence in a Virginia Beach spinal cord injury case serves two purposes. First, it can establish the extent and cost of your injury. Second, it can establish the full impact the injury had on you and your life. A detail-oriented attorney can get to work collecting evidence that establishes both of these factors to bring a strong claim for compensation. To get started on your case, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

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