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A rollover accident occurs when a truck flips onto its side or its roof. Rollover accidents usually occur when a trucker is making a turn at high speed. These types of incidents commonly happen on Interstate 264, Interstate 64, and on exit ramps when drivers are taking an exit too quickly. Rollover truck accidents also regularly involve other vehicles.

Once the truck has rolled onto its side or top, it presents as a huge obstacle and danger to other motorists. If you were involved in this type of crash, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney with rollover truck accident experience. The truck accident legal team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you obtain the compensation you need while allowing you to focus on your recovery.

What Is a Rollover Truck Accident?

Rollovers are technically defined as an accident where the truck’s tires lose contact with the ground, causing the vehicle to land on its side or roof. Rollovers can also result in a complete 360 turn where the truck lands back on its tires.

How Frequently Are Rollover Truck Accidents Fatal?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about half of all truck rollover accidents are fatal.

What Makes Trucks More Susceptible to Rolling Over?

Trucks, and specifically tractor-trailers that have large cargo loads aboard, are more susceptible to rolling over as rear cargo can unexpectedly and quickly shift, resulting in weight transfers. For example, a truck that is making a turn at what might normally be a safe speed could find that speed to be unsafe if they have a significant amount of cargo that slides during the turn.

Putting a bunch of force on one side of the truck cab and cargo bed can cause the truck to flip. If a truck rolled over and caused an accident because of improperly loaded cargo, an attorney could help an injured party file a claim.

How are Rollover Accidents Involving Trucks Different?

Rollover accidents involving vehicles can be more dangerous than other types of truck accidents. If a vehicle has rolled over, the doors may become lodged in such a way that they cannot be opened. Additionally, if a vehicle comes to rest on its side or on its roof, it can be much more difficult for emergency medical personnel to be able to get access to the occupants inside and to render whatever care is needed.

One reason rollover accidents come with more risk of injury than other types of crashes is because they can cause glass in the vehicle to shatter, sending shards of glass to fly through the air which may result in cuts, scrapes, and puncture wounds. Also, as a truck or another vehicle rolls, passengers are subject to significant forces in several different directions, causing injury to different parts of the body as the vehicle flips over.

A lawyer in Virginia could help someone injured in a rollover accident with a truck fight for compensation for all of his injuries.

Safety Measures to Take

The number one safety tip to avoiding rollover accidents is to be sure that you are navigating turns at a reasonably safe speed and following all posted speed limits on on-ramps and exit ramps.

Speak with a Virginia Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

A Virginia rollover truck accident lawyer could help with gathering all the evidence needed to present a claim to the appropriate insurance company. Additionally, an attorney could file a lawsuit on behalf of an injured party to help her get the compensation that she is entitled to after going through such a serious wreck. To get started on your case, schedule a free consultation with one of our legal professionals today.

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