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In the past few years, attorney
John Cooper has recovered over
$28 MILLION for brain injury victims.

John wrote the book on traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to give victims and their families valuable insight on how these complex cases are proved and won.

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In The Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit, discover:

  • Why brain injuries are more complex than they appear
  • How traumatic brain injury damages are calculated
  • What questions to ask your TBI attorney
PLUS, John reveals the step-by-step process of a TBI case and how this process can deliver justice & compensation for victims.

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating, yet insurance companies fight hard against TBI claims. That's why brain injury attorney John Cooper wrote this easy-to-read book.

  • John has worked closely with brain injury victims and their families for decades and knows firsthand the long-term and devastating consequences that they can have.
  • As an experienced trial attorney, John understands the costs & complexities of TBI cases and has the resources to litigate them.
  • He was won tens of millions of dollars for brain injury victims and families facing expensive medical care, inability to work, quality of life changes, and pain and suffering after their accidents.

John has packaged 30+ years of insight into The Traumatic Brain Injury Toolkit and free access to this life-changing information is one click away.

Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting,
life-changing effects on people and their families.

Attorney John Cooper has won many millions for such traumatic brain injury victims, including:

$6.5 Million

recovered for a car accident victim involved in a three-car collision who became quadriplegic.

$5.8 Million

recovered for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder following his accident.

$5 Million

recovered for a client who was hit by a construction truck and suffered serious injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder with a mild traumatic brain injury.

“They are the best. I’ve not found a better law firm in Hampton Roads than Cooper Hurley.
They are very thorough and attentive to your case as well as great in following up to ensure you’re kept apprised with updates. I would highly recommend them.

Garry N