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Suffolk, VA Product Liability Lawyer

When you purchase a product, you likely do not expect it to cause injuries. However, this happens more than you might think. A Suffolk product liability lawyer could assess your situation and determine whether you have a valid claim under Virginia law.

Product liability claims can be complicated, especially when you are up against a large corporation with seemingly unlimited resources. Pursuing a product liability claim, however, can allow you to recover damages for your serious injuries. A well-versed injury lawyer could also help you prevent others from being hurt by putting the product’s maker on notice of your injury.

Types of Defective Products

Many types of consumer products have the potential to cause harm. If appliances malfunction due to a defect, they may cause a fire. If motor vehicles have a defective part, they can cause consumers to suffer more severe injuries in a traffic accident.

Other types of commonly defective products may include infant gear, such as playpens or baby beds, toys, medications, cleaning products, and furniture. Any of these products could result in harm if they are defective, contain a dangerous chemical, or malfunction in some way.

Defining Dangerous and Defective Products

Defects in consumer products may arise for various reasons. When a manufacturer negligently fails to make a safe product, you may be able to hold them liable with a breach of warranty claim. For instance, if a product design contains a defect, the product may be potentially dangerous to consumers. In this instance, the Consumer Product Safety Commission might recall the product, or the manufacturer might recall the product voluntarily, as all the products designed the same way would be defective.

Another type of product defect can occur during the manufacturing process. If a specific run or batch of a product does not meet the safety requirements or some other error occurs, those products may be defective and potentially dangerous.

In other cases, manufacturers may fail to provide proper warnings or instructions about assembling or using a product. A failure to adequately warn consumers of the potential dangers of a product can result in liability if someone is harmed from using the product. A product liability lawyer in Suffolk could help you with a claim, regardless of the type of defect involved.

Damages in Breach of Warranty Claims in Suffolk, VA

Injuries sustained as a result of a defective product can range widely depending on the type of product and the nature of the injuries. Breach of warranty claims commonly asserted in a products liability lawsuit through which you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Product manufacturers in Virginia are responsible for a level of care to consumers in manufacturing, marketing, and selling products. As a result, the companies that make and sell products can be held liable for injuries that result from normal consumer usage of a defective product. Breach of an implied warranty in VA means that the product was not fit for the ordinary purposes for which was intended. There may not be a need in this type of claim to prove that the company was negligent or careless in creating the product. The fact that a product is defective is enough to establish liability.

Potential damages in product liability may include compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to being unable to work, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. If you suffer permanent impairment to the point you are unable to return to your former profession, damages may be even more extensive for loss of future earnings. A product liability attorney in Suffolk can be instrumental in establishing the existence of damages adequate to fully compensate you for your losses.

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Consumers should be able to assume that products on the market are safe for regular use. When products turn out to be defective and causes major injuries, you may be able to pursue the companies responsible for manufacturing and distributing the product. A Suffolk, VA product liability lawyer can evaluate the circumstances that led to your injuries and determine whether you are entitled to damages. Call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation

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Suffolk, VA Product Liability Lawyer Suffolk, VA Product Liability Lawyer