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Suffolk, VA Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Lawyer

Assisted living facilities serve a variety of roles for their residents. They provide more than just a safe place to live because they also allow of elderly individuals to get the support and medical care they need. The failure to meet any of these basic duties could lead to a valid abuse claim.

If your family member has experienced abuse or neglect while in the care of a nursing home, a consultation with a personal injury attorney at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could be in their best interests. An experienced Suffolk, VA nursing home negligence and abuse lawyer could assist you in pursuing justice for your elderly loved one.

Types of Care Facility Negligence in Suffolk, VA

Nursing home abuse falls into five broad categories. Each of these forms of negligence can have serious or even fatal consequences for residents of the facility. Understanding each of these forms of abuse is beneficial when considering legal action. As such, a local attorney could help someone build a claim on their loved one’s behalf that is based on the abuse or negligence the resident is experiencing at their nursing home.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is any form of intentional physical harm to the resident. It could come in many forms, including slapping, kicking, or hitting. Other forms of physical abuse may include the unnecessary use of chemical or physical restraints.

Sexual Abuse

Any form of unwanted sexual contact with a resident is sexual abuse. This form of negligence occurs in care facility settings because many residents lack the capacity to consent to sexual activity.

Emotional Abuse

Not all forms of nursing home abuse leave physical scars. In some cases, the negligence that results in mental scars can be the most damaging. Emotional abuse may involve bullying, harassment, or unnecessary isolation. Any verbal or non-physical act that causes mental anguish may constitute emotional abuse.


Neglect is the failure of a care facility to provide for a resident’s basic needs. This type of negligence could include a lack of food, poor hygiene, or lack of medical treatment. Neglect can be intentional or result from issues like understaffing.

Financial Abuse

An underreported but common form of nursing home abuse involves monetary exploitation. Financial abuse involves improper or unlawful use or of a resident’s resources. This could include the theft of money or personal possessions. This form of abuse is often more complex and could involve the use of fraudulent wills or legal documents to transfer real estate or other large assets.

The Duty of Care for a Nursing Home Facility

A nursing home facility and its agents owe every resident a substantial duty of care. These residents are entitled to compassion and adequate care. Unfortunately, some of these facilities fail to meet this basic standard. The duty a facility owes to its residents is broad. These care facilities are more than just a place to live; they also provide critical medical care for their residents. This means a nursing facility has a duty to meet a variety of needs.

These needs include basic care for a resident. The failure to provide a resident with clean living conditions or proper nutrition is only one example of a violation of this duty of care. Additionally, these facilities must provide adequate medical care. When residents are misdiagnosed or neglected by medical staff, the nursing home has not upheld its legal obligation.

Whether or not a nursing home meets its duty of care is central to every neglect or abuse claim. A Suffolk, VA attorney could review a claim of nursing home abuse or negligence and advise whether it could lead to monetary recovery.

Speak with a Suffolk, VA Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Attorney

If your loved one suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, they have the right to pursue immediate legal action. If successful, their claim could result in significant compensation from their abuser.

Do not delay in moving forward with a claim on your family member’s behalf. Reach out to a Suffolk, VA nursing home negligence and abuse lawyer right away to learn about your legal options.

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Suffolk, VA Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Lawyer
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
A Suffolk, VA nursing home negligence and abuse lawyer could help you take legal action against your ederly loved one's care facility.
Suffolk, VA Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Lawyer Suffolk, VA Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse Lawyer