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Cooper Hurley Client Awarded $675,000 After VA Beach Dump Truck Accident


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John Cooper

Griffin O'Hanlon

Dump trucks cause serious damage to people and the smaller vehicles they hit. This year, the attorneys at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers represented two people who were injured by these vehicles within a matter of months.

All cases are unique and no case result is a predictor of a future result, but we were happy to secure a $675,000 settlement for a woman who suffered a mile traumatic brain injury after a wreck involving a dump truck in Virginia Beach.

The dump truck rear-ended a car driven by a single mother on a major road in Virginia Beach, Virginia Lawyers Weekly reported.

The car was severely damaged and the women suffered a concussion in the accident.

The injured woman had a cut on her scalp. It was evidence of a direct blow to her head that she sustained from the impact of the dump truck.

She later developed cognitive deficits consistent with a mild traumatic brain injury. The description of this kind of injury as ‘mild’ is misleading. A mild TBI can wreck your life. The woman suffered memory lapses and difficulties concentrating after the wreck. She needed help from a chiropractor to treat her injured spinal connective tissues. Despite these problems, the woman was able to return to work.

She hired Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. Attorneys John Coopers and Griff O’Hanlon filed a suit in Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

Experts hired for the defense challenged the cause and extent of the woman’s concussion injuries. They tried to make a case that most minor concussions heal quickly.

Doctors hired by the insurance companies tried to claim the woman only suffered psychological harm from the accident in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) rather than a brain injury.

A settlement of $675,000 was reached at a mediation in Virginia Beach. It emerged during the case that the dump truck driver had a long record of felonies.

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers we represent many people who have been harmed by commercial truck drivers. Recently a man from Norfolk who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when he was rear-ended by a dump truck in Virginia Beach was awarded $350,000.

We look at the issue of truck driver negligence in Virginia here. When a truck driver causes an accident, the victim can usually sue the trucking company.

If you have been hurt in a trucking wreck, call our specialist Virginia dump truck and tractor trailer injury lawyers at (757) 333-3333 for a free consultation.

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