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Newport News Motorcycle Accident Laws

Any time someone rides a motorcycle on public roads in the state of Virginia, they are required to follow all the same traffic laws that apply to all other drivers. However, there are also several regulations that apply specifically to motorcyclists, meant to preserve both their safety and the safety of others around them.

A knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney could discuss with you in greater detail what Newport News motorcycle accident laws require, as well as what impact they could have on a civil lawsuit. The team at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could also help ensure you comply with all the reporting requirements established under state law in the aftermath of a roadway incident.

Traffic Regulations for Motorcycles

As per Code of Virginia §46.2-337, anyone who wishes to operate a motorcycle legally in Newport News must first complete both a written test and a road skills test administered by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, with only a few exceptions under specific circumstances. A person who operates a motorcycle without the required endorsement on their driver’s license may be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor offense.

According to Code of Virginia §46.2-857, it is illegal for motorcyclists to ride next to another within a single lane of traffic meant for one vehicle. Similarly, it is illegal under Code of Virginia §46.2-909 for a person to ride a motorcycle in any way except upon a permanent seat attached to that vehicle, and they can only carry a passenger if their motorcycle has a seat designed to carry another person safely.

Additionally, under Code of Virginia §36.2-1012, it is illegal under virtually all circumstances for someone to operate a motorcycle that is not equipped with functioning headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and properly illuminated and affixed license plates. Finally, Code of Virginia §46.2-910 requires anyone riding a motorcycle with wheels greater than eight inches in diameter to wear protective helmets at all times while onboard. Violating any of these laws could significantly impact recovery following a local motorcycle accident, as it may indicate fault on the part of the injured plaintiff.

Reporting Requirements After a Crash

Code of Virginia §46.2-371 requires individuals involved in any motor vehicle accident that results in injury or death to contact local law enforcement, and Code of Virginia §46.2-372 requires the filing of a written report with the DMV Commissioner if an accident causes injury, death, or property damage, or if it involves an uninsured driver. Various additional reports must be filed by the responding police officer, any garages or shops involved in vehicle repairs after an incident, and other involved parties.

Ensuring they follow these reporting laws is a significant step that an injured motorcyclists could take following Newport News motorcycle accident that allows them to preserve their right to pursue civil recovery. With documentary evidence showing compliance with state law and establishing exactly what happened to cause the crash, it can be less complicated to prove liability and recover comprehensive compensation.

A Newport News Attorney Could Explain Motorcycle Crash Laws Further

The time following a motorcycle accident can often be chaotic, especially if you are not sure what the law demanded of you before or after the incident. However, a Newport News accident lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could help you protect your legal position by ensuring you follow the law as it is written. Talk to a qualified attorney today about Newport News motorcycle accident laws.

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Newport News Motorcycle Accident Laws
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers
Some laws in Newport News are put in place to prevent motorcycle accidents. If you were involved in a wreck, call today.
Newport News Motorcycle Accident Laws Newport News Motorcycle Accident Laws