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VA Eastern Shore Product Liability Lawyer

An injury caused by a dangerous or defective product can result in long-term or permanent physical impairment and limitations. If a faulty product harmed you or someone in your family, a Virginia Eastern Shore product liability lawyer can assist with your case. Product liability cases can be extremely challenging to prove in court and require the assistance of a personal injury attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law. Our experienced VA Eastern Shore product liability lawyer at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can work with great care to take legal action against a negligent manufacturer, and help you obtain fair compensation.

Timeline to File a Product Liability Claim

For product liability claims, the statute of limitations in Virginia is generally two years from the date that the injury takes place. Virginia Code §8.01-243. However, there are a few ways in which this deadline could be extended. One of these extensions involves faulty medical devices.

Pursuant to Va. Code § 8.01-249, when a person has a medical device implanted that turns out to be defective or malfunctions and injures them, the statute of limitations does not start until the date the individual knew or should have known of the harm. Put more simply, if someone has a faulty medical device implanted during surgery, he would have up to two years from the date they knew or should have known about their injury to file suit. An attorney on the Eastern Shore can examine the facts and incidents that resulted in someone’s injury to determine the appropriate filing deadline for their product liability claim.

Common Injuries Arising from Dangerous or Defective Products

The nature of the product and the type of defect or danger largely determines the extent of the injuries someone may sustain. For instance, a defective toy, household appliance, or vehicle can cause serious injuries ranging from burns to broken bones to the loss of a limb. A dangerous medical device or pharmaceutical drug may cause internal injuries, organ damage, heart problems, or even death. As a result, individuals filing product liability claims may be eligible to receive a wide range of damages that may cover pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

Establishing Fault for Product Injuries on the Eastern Shore

When it comes to identifying the party or parties who are liable in a product liability claim, it is best to work with a seasoned Virginia Eastern Shore lawyer who has experience litigating these types of cases. Depending on the nature of the defect or danger that the product presents, numerous entities involved in the creation and distribution of the faulty item could be liable. For instance, the product manufacturer, as well as the testing facility, retailer, or distributor, could be liable if someone gets hurt by a product that has a flaw or carries an unreasonable risk of injury.

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If you are thinking about filing a product liability claim, do not wait to secure the competent legal representation needed for your case. A Virginia Eastern Shore product liability lawyer at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can offer insight regarding your legal options and help you pursue all compensation to which you may be entitled. Call now to arrange your confidential case review with an experienced attorney.

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