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VA Eastern Shore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If a driver acts negligently while behind the wheel, surrounding pedestrians could be at a great risk for getting hit and suffering serious injuries. In these situations, injured parties deserve a fair chance at civil recovery. A personal injury attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could be essential to pursuing that recovery. With guidance from a VA Eastern Shore pedestrian accident lawyer, you could greatly improve your odds of successfully proving fault on the part of the defendant and acquiring appropriate financial compensation to make up for your losses.

Establishing Fault for a Pedestrian Crash

Like most civil cases, pedestrian accident claims revolve around legal negligence by one or more drivers. A driver who is legally negligent is one who breached their obligation to act responsibly while operating a motor vehicle, and in doing so directly caused an accident resulting in compensable harm to another person.

Negligence in pedestrian accidents often takes the form of traffic violations like speeding, failing to yield, or running a red light or stop signs. However, these types of incidents can also result from behaviors that are not explicitly illegal, like being momentarily distracted or driving while overly tired. It is important to note that pedestrians can also be negligent in these cases as well. For instance, an injured party may be partially to blame for their accident if they crossed the street outside of a crosswalk or stepped into a crosswalk without the proper signal.

Since any degree of responsibility by a civil claimant invalidates their standing to file suit, proving a defendant’s fault while disproving a claimant’s negligence is essential to effective recovery. A qualified attorney on the Eastern Shore could provide crucial assistance in both respects during a pedestrian accident case.

Recoverable Damages on the Eastern Shore

A successful lawsuit following a pedestrian accident may allow an injured party to recover for various types of losses directly stemming from that incident. Those who suffered losses after getting struck by a car may be able to recover for medical bills they have already paid, medical expenses they will likely have in the future, loss of past and future income, and damage to personal property.

In many pedestrian accident cases, a lawyer on the Eastern Shore could pursue compensation for non-economic damages as well, including loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and the physical pain associated with a crash.

Speak with a VA Eastern Shore Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Even when they occur at relatively low speeds, pedestrian accidents have the potential to cause lasting and life-altering harm to those involved. If you were struck by a careless motorist, you should not hesitate to reach out one of our caring legal professionals.

Our team could help protect your future prospects and seek financial compensation for your damages by filing suit against the negligent driver who hit you. Get in touch with a VA Eastern Shore pedestrian accident lawyer today to discuss your legal options. We offer free initial case consultations.

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