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Rental Car Accident Lawyer in Virginia

The process for bringing a claim for compensation after a crash with a rented car can be complex. Before you can file a claim, you have to figure out which insurance company to file the claim against. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced Virginia rental car accident lawyer. A skilled car crash attorney can help you get the compensation you need to pay for your injuries.

What is a Rental Car?

A rental car is any vehicle that does not belong to the person driving it. By paying a person or company, the driver is given permission to rent and use the rental vehicle for a period of time. Common examples of rental car companies in Virginia are Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis.

If someone is a member of a car-sharing service like Zipcar, that also allows them to use a car they do not own upon appointment. The same rules of the road and duties apply to anyone driving a rental car. When someone causes or is involved in an accident involving a rental car, they can still be held liable. The injured party can make a claim for personal injuries if they are injured by someone driving a rental car. If the vehicle itself is damaged, the property claim will be with the owner of the vehicle.

Insurance Coverage in Virginia

A rental car accident claim is generally similar to a typical car accident claim. The rules of the road apply and the same damages may be claimed for injuries caused by the driver of a rental vehicle for medical bills, lost wages, pain, or inconvenience.

However, it can be more complicated when the renter of the vehicle elects to use their personal car insurance to cover any negligence while operating the vehicle. When this occurs, it is necessary for an attorney to identify the correct insurance company to file a claim against. When the renter of the vehicle does not have their own personal car insurance or they elected to purchase the car insurance offered by the rental company, the insurance claim is made with that rental company’s car insurance. Filing an insurance claim against the appropriate company is crucial when satisfying a judgment or negotiating a settlement.

Common Fact Patterns in Rental Car Crashes

Many people on the roads in Virginia are driving rental cars which means they have a higher tendency to be involved in accidents. That could be due to their unfamiliarity with the vehicle or with the roads they are driving on. The driver is not used to how the car runs, and they are not accustomed to the instruments and control panel. It is common for an at-fault driver in a car crash to be operating a rental vehicle. Further, when someone is not familiar with the local roads they are driving on, they may be more likely to make mistakes that can result in collisions.

Common injuries from car accidents involving rental vehicles in Virginia include broken bones, sprains, neck injuries, back injuries, leg injuries, knee injuries, airbag burns, and head injuries including concussions or unconsciousness following an accident. Any time an accident results in significant injuries, it is important to speak with a Virginia rental car accident attorney who can help you identify your rights.

A Virginia Rental Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

When a driver is not familiar with the vehicle they are operating, accidents can become more likely. If you were hurt in a crash, a Virginia rental car accident lawyer from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers can help you bring a claim for compensation. Discuss your rights by calling today for a free consultation.

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