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Parking Lot Accident Lawyer in Virginia

When drivers and pedestrians fail to pay proper attention while in a parking lot, serious collisions and injuries can occur. Accident claims resulting from these collisions are also complicated because of the lack of clear traffic laws. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced parking lot accident lawyer when bringing a claim. A detail-oriented car accident attorney from Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers could work quickly to fully investigate the facts surrounding your accident to prove the other party was at fault.

Statistics show that about one out of every five car accidents happens in a parking lot. About 60,000 people are injured in parking lot car accidents every year.

Difference Between Parking Lot Accidents and Other Collisions

Parking lot accidents are similar to other motor vehicle crashes on the streets of Virginia in that they happen when drivers fail to keep a proper lookout. For example, a T-bone collision could occur when someone drives across the parking spaces. Accidents in parking lots also frequently involve pedestrians.

A difference between parking garage collisions and other accidents is that police officers are less likely to complete a full accident report for a parking lot crash because the incident happened on private property. Parking lot accidents also have less traffic control guidance, fewer stop signs, and no streetlights within parking lots. This often makes it more challenging to determine who is at fault. A lawyer in Virginia could help someone prepare a claim if they suffered injuries in a parking lot accident.

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Ask The Car Crash Experts - Who Is At-Fault in a Parking Lot Accident?

Griffin O'Hanlon,
Personal Injury Lawyer

“Parking lots are interesting areas as different rules apply. In general, it’s a more commonsense approach to fault and the rules that govern drivers. Generally I would say if a vehicle is backing up or out of a parking spot, the driver backing up generally has a duty to ensure that the travel lane they’re going to is free and clear of both drivers and pedestrians. Whereas they back out and cause a wreck, an argument could be made that that driver is at fault. Another wrinkle in parkling lots is that drivers are expected to know that there could be pedestrians anywhere and everywhere. It’s an area where people are parking, getting out of their vehicles, and then going into stores, restaurants.. So the rules for how mindful a driver has to be as it relates to pedestrians is increased, and there’s more of a general duty of awareness in a parking lot. .”

How Insurance Companies in Virginia Treat Parking Garage Accidents

It is common for an insurance company to refuse to offer a settlement in a parking lot case. They like to argue that a parking lot accident was the result of shared fault and that no one has the right of way in a parking lot. Insurance companies often argue that the injured person shared some fault and is therefore not entitled to any payment for their damages including medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering. That is why a thorough investigation by an experienced parking lot accident attorney is important.

The adjacent businesses to a parking lot may have video footage of the parking lot that captured the accident. When someone injured in a parking lot collision acts quickly and retains the services of an experienced lawyer, the footage of the accident could be obtained and used as evidence of the negligence of the party.

However, time is of the essence because businesses only keep the footage for a short time in most circumstances. Strong evidence such as video footage can be the difference in someone being able to win their case or secure a fair settlement without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

A Virginia Parking Lot Accident Attorney Can Fight for You

For a personal injury claim, it is important that a person hires an experienced personal injury law firm that fully understands negligence laws, personal injury laws, and different rules that apply to car accident cases.

A person wants an attorney who has extensive knowledge of how insurance companies traditionally treat and fight these cases and who can fight back. To speak to a skilled Virginia parking lot accident lawyer about your case, call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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