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Red Light Runner Lawsuit is Settled for $325,000

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Every year, countless drivers are killed and injured by careless motorists who run red lights. In some cases, the drivers are reckless; in others, the drivers believe they can beat the light. The consequences of their rash actions may live with the at-fault drivers and their victims for the rest of their lives.

In Hampton Roads, a 55-year-old driver suffered serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries after she was hit by a red light runner at a high rate of speed. The at-fault driver was behind the wheel of a box truck. The red light runner lawsuit resulted in a settlement of $325,000 earlier this year.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly reported the woman was in her Volvo 350 at an intersection. She stopped at a red light. When it turned green she began to cross the intersection behind the car in front of her. As she crossed the intersection, she was hit by a red light runner traveling at about 50 mph. The impact caused the woman’s car to roll several times.

She lost consciousness and suffered lacerations to her face, and facial pain. She was airlifted to Norfolk Sentara General Hospital by a Nightingale helicopter. In the Emergency Room, the doctors reported lacerations to the woman’s right eyelid and check, memory loss, glass embedded in her forehead and multiple cuts to her right hand.

After she was released from the hospital she sought treatment for traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Brain injuries are often very serious and the damage can be permanent. Fortunately, the woman made an almost full recovery, according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly. She incurred medical bills of $55,280.

The crash led to a lengthy lawsuit. The woman sued the truck driver and the company he was working for.

Lawyers for the defendant claimed the trucker had a green light and didn’t see the Volvo. However, an eyewitness who was driving through the intersection at the time of the crash said the trucker went through the red light at a high speed and never attempted to slow down.

The case was settled in 2017 for $325,000 during a mediation before trial. The Volvo driver was represented by John Zydron and William Drinkwater from Virginia Beach.

It’s always unsettling to see a person’s life change drastically due to another driver’s actions.

All cases are different and no previous case is an indicator of another but Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers recently settled a red light runner case for $815,000. This client suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury that caused constant headaches in addition to cognitive impairments and anxiety after an intersection wreck in Virginia Beach. This case was settled about 45 days before the trial date during mediation.

Accidents caused by drivers running red lights are often caught on red light cameras, making for easy evidence to help your case. Although these lights were installed with the purpose of reducing drivers running red lights, they also assist with charging those who disregard the law and run red lights.

If you or a loved one are involved in a crash resulting from another person running a red light, you should always seek medical attention immediately. Call our Virginia experienced motor vehicle accidents lawyers at (757) 333-3333 for a free consultation.

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