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Burn Injuries Can Lead to Serious Complications Such as Amputation and Disfigurement

Burn injuries are some of the most serious and painful kinds of injuries I see in my line of work as a personal injury lawyer in Virginia. In some of the gravest car or truck crashes a fire may engulf vehicles claiming the lives of their occupants or leaving them with horrendous injuries. Burns can also be caused by electrical shocks, industrial injuries or building fires.

Every year as many as a million people suffer from burn injuries in the United States. When burns are involved in an accident, lawsuits can entail highly scientific and complex legal issues. I have previously represented a number of burns victims as well as the child of a man who died in a fiery trucking crash on I-64 in Norfolk. if you get a bad enough burn, the body can’t heal itself. Burns can leave permanent scarring.

If you have suffered burns, your may be disfigured and unable to live a normal life again. You may face massive medical bills. A driver, the owners of an apartment complex or another premises or an electrical company may have been responsible for your injuries through their negligence. You may have grounds to sue them for damages.


Burns can range from minor burns from touching a hot pan to chemical or radiological burns that require special treatment. Here are some of the sources of burn injuries.


Thermal burns are the most common type of burns we see. They are caused by explosions, flames, hot liquids and skin coming into contact with hot materials like coals or hot glass.


Harmful chemicals can cause burns, in particular strongly acidic or alkali substances, and require special care to prevent further injury to the skin.


As the name suggests, electrical burns are caused by electricity. Burns caused by electrical shocks can be very sudden and serious. The victim may suffer other side effects such as cardiac arrest. Unlike other burns, it’s not always apparent if you have suffered an electrical burn from the outside and these burns should be diagnosed by a medical professional.


Radiological burns are caused by radiation and the victim will often require decontamination. They are among the rarest kinds of burns.

The Severity of Burns

Your chances of making a full recovery will also depend on the severity of your burns. They range from first to third-degree burns.


First degree burns cause damage to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, only. Characteristics include swelling and pain to the victim. First degree burns are the least serious kind.


Second degree burns go beyond the epidermis into underlying skin called the dermis. Second degree burns can cause extreme pain. They are characterized by blisters and severe pain and swelling.


Third degree burns are very serious and potentially life-threatening. If you suffer third degree burns, the thickness of the skin and the underlying muscle area are burned. Burns often destroy nerves, meaning they can actually be less painful than second degree burns but can lead to complications such as amputations.

If you have suffered burns in a car accident, an industrial accident or any other kind of act or omission by another party, you may have grounds to file an injury lawsuit. Call us at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers at (757) 333-3333 for a free consultation.

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