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What Happens if You Get in a Crash While on a Doordash

Video Transcript

I had just finished my DoorDashing for the day and I was heading home, going down, I think it was Lynnhaven, I believe it was. Heading towards the Dam Neck base area, the guy just pulled right out into the middle of the intersection. I remember slamming on my brakes, tires squealing, and then my car came to a stop. The next thing I remember is my car coming to a stop. I put my hand on my head and there was blood on my hand.

So immediately, I got out of my car, opened up my car door, and the first thing I said was, “I’m leaking.” And I’m standing up, mind you. I had three broken bones in my leg, but I didn’t feel it—all that adrenaline shock. I think I was more concerned with my head. I could feel my scalp, I could feel my skull while I was holding—I mean, I literally scalped myself. I had 21 staples put in my head.

It wasn’t until somebody at the scene came and calmed me down and had me sit down, that’s when I felt the pain in my knee. The pain in my knee took over everything. I didn’t care about my head, the blood, none of it. I wanted the pain in my knee to go away. So, I wound up with the 21 staples in my head, three breaks in the knee, and a torn meniscus. My legal team was able to help me simply by answering my questions. I had a lot of questions—I’ve never been through anything quite as traumatic as this.

I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what was going to happen, and I was very scared. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t do anything. So it was just their reassurance that I didn’t have to worry about anything, that everything was being taken care of. I didn’t have to worry about medical bills, I just had to go to my appointments. I didn’t have to worry about any kind of paperwork. They took extremely great care of me and answered any questions I had or any concerns. Well, I was definitely, definitely satisfied, and I’d be coming back if, God forbid, anything else happens.

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Bill OMara