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Inside the Case: $7 Million For Motorcycle Accident Victim

Video Transcript

Hey, Griffin O’Hanlon here with Cooper Hurley injury lawyers and I want to just take a few minutes to tell you about a recent case result that we’ve got. I was contacted maybe about two years ago by an attorney referral friend of ours, who mentioned that a college buddy of his was up in the hospital after suffering a terrible injury in a motorcycle wreck. So I headed up to the hospital and visited with what was soon to be my client, and you know, it was immediately apparent how serious the situation was.

Our client had been a motorcyclist who was cut off by a driver who just took a left turn right in front of him. They collided, and sadly, he suffered a traumatic amputation of his foot, and he was rushed to the hospital. They had to do further amputation procedures and additional surgeries. So this is one of those cases where you walk in the room, and the effects that this is going to have on your client’s life are apparent from the outset. I continued to stay in touch with the attorney who referred the case to us because it was a personal friend of his, and we wanted to be able to make sure that, as a team, we could take care of our client’s needs. So, through continuous hard work by my client, he was able to begin his physical recovery, and we started our hard work on doing the legal side of things– getting the claim going, starting to evaluate our client’s medical needs and what was going to be needed in the future for him. And it was daunting, I mean it was a daunting task to try to understand what sort of effect that this is going to have on somebody for the remainder of his life. I mean, he was 40 years old when this happened to him, two children, um, so it was a trying time. I emphasized significantly with him as a father with young kids, and I couldn’t imagine how this would affect him going forward.

So we eventually had to file a lawsuit and go through the litigation process, you know as the case was referred to us we were happy to to handle all the litigation ourselves and handle all the costs, and keep our referring partner up to date along the way. And after two and a half, you know, long years of battling and pushing through, we were able to get a great $7 million recovery for our client. It really helps set him up going forward, right? He makes sure that all his medical needs will be covered cost-wise and also helps set him up so that he and his family can move forward, right? He’s never going to recover from this, but he’s adapted terrifically.

Clients such as this one are a pleasure to deal with, and he really proved himself to be a testament as to what recovery can look like and what you can do with hard work. And you know, we greatly appreciate the trust that our client placed in us, and we understood that this was vital, this was something that was very personal, and it’s very difficult, I can understand, for a client to put their trust in someone to handle their case. So you know it’s always helpful when you get a blessing from a referring attorney who has a personal relationship with the client that says, “No, you know, the folks over at Cooper Hurley are good folks, they know what they’re doing, and they can help you out” so it’s a trust that we don’t take for granted and we’re really appreciative of that.

So this was a terrific result and something that I’m very proud of, very proud to say that I helped my client get through this portion and allow him to move forward with his life with his family. So you know this is just one of the stories of the cases that we handle here at Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we’ve got hundreds of cases that we work on, and working on them each day. So you know this is the result that we’re hoping for and we’re looking for, and again something I’m really proud of. So I thank you for listening– again I’m Griffin O’Hanlon with Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers.

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