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How Does FELA Differ From Workers’ Compensation?

Video Transcript

Under FELA, you only have to prove the slightest bit of negligence in order to have a successful claim against the railroads. Under workers comp, most states now have a no fault system, which they don’t blame the employer and they don’t blame the employee. However, you’re given a list of approximately three doctors to go see some of them or all three of them you may have never seen before or ever heard about them. If the doctor treats you or you have to have a surgery of anything under workers comp, then there is a schedule that they go by on how much money you can receive, which most of the time is a very, very small amount compared to an FELA claim. There are no limits on what you can recover. It’s just a difference between an apple and an orange. There is no comparison to the Federal Employers Liability Act. That’s by far the best protection of any worker in the country.

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