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Cooper Hurley Client Awarded $425,000 for Shoulder Injury in Chesapeake Wreck


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A rotator cuff injury can derail your life. That’s what happened to a Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers client who suffered a serious shoulder injury in a wreck in Chesapeake.

No two cases are the same and we can’t guarantee a result in a future case, but we were happy to secure $425,000 for our client who was involved in a wreck at an intersection in Chesapeake.

The case was reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Our client collided with another car. Police reports found a 19-year-old driver caused the collision by making a left turn on a solid green light in front of our client.

Our client was driving his employer’s pick-up truck. He suffered multiple tears in his shoulder. His injuries required two surgeries and an extensive course of physical therapy.

Cooper Hurley attorneys John Cooper and Griff O’Hanlon filed a lawsuit in Chesapeake Circuit Court. An extensive claim for future medical expenses was made, which was disputed by attorneys for at-fault driver’s insurance company.

The settlement negotiations were complicated by a significant worker’s compensation lien and the requirement for a Medicare set-aside.

The settlement was reached at mediation two months before a trial was scheduled. We are happy that we were able to help this young man to rebuild his life.

Shoulder injuries are often debilitating and very painful. Our experienced Virginia car wreck lawyers have helped many clients who have suffered these injuries.

Shoulder Injuries After a Car Wreck
Shoulder injuries often involve a tear to the rotator cuff, as was the case in the Chesapeake wreck.

The rotator cuff comprises a set of muscles that hold your arm into the socket and help your motion. There are two main types of rotator cuff tears.

1 Degenerative Tears – These are caused by wear and tear and getting older.

2 Traumatic Tears – These injuries are caused by traumatic events like car wrecks or falls.

While the majority of rotator cuff injuries will heal without surgery, serious shoulder injuries may require extensive surgeries.

If you have sustained a serious shoulder injury, you may miss time off work and face high medical bills. It’s important that you hold the at-fault driver to account for your injuries. If you have suffered any injury due to the fault of another driver, please contact us today at (757) 333-3333.

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